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The International Job Search
Going Global is designed to support international job seekers and professionals with a great array of original country-specific career information. This site’s content and links provide users with a comprehensive tool kit for evaluating, selecting and moving into a successful career in a foreign country, including resume/CV writing advice, job sources, work permit and visa regulations, cultural advice on more than 40 countries. Based on Mary Anne Thompson’s book The Global Resume and CV Guide, this is a treasure-trove of not only where to look but how to look for new opportunities in various countries. Mary Anne is an expert in this field, and the material in the database and in the book is original country content that is being hand gathered, monitored and updated by in-country professional researchers. Some of the content is provided directly on this and other partner sites for free. The majority of the content however is in a PDF format and available for purchase and download for a very reasonable fee. Most of the country guides are over 70 pages long and are filled with excellent articles and information resource lists. If you are serious about your international job search, then the guides are worth the investment.
Mary Anne Thompson, Global Career Expert
If you are serious about your dream of working outside of your home country, then you need to read this blog. Mary Anne is the publisher of (above), and her blog is filled with free information and advice on what you need to know about job search norms and work culture all over the world.
Career by Choice
This blog by Megan Fitzgerald, founder of Career By Choice, offers advice on all things related to international career success. She provides success tips for expats interested in being a highly visible, sought-after expert or leader and successful abroad. She addresses issues of personal branding, expat and international career management, online networking and social media to help those interested in or currently working abroad use their unique value to build a more fulfilling professional life, wherever they are in the world. Excellent articles in her blog, and you can sign up for tips to be shared via email.
Global Career Blog from Passport Career
"Many international professionals know about the challenges of finding employment when crossing borders. If you are one of those professionals, then this blog is for you!" Supported by Passport Career, an online global job search support system for international professionals, this blog offers tips, comments, thoughts, and strategies for use in your global employment search. There are several authors, but all are expert in their topics. Be sure to check the article 25 Networking Opportunities for Expats by Susan Musich. I would think this should work for expats looking to return home as well as persons searching for opportunities in other countries.
Basic Information on International Jobs, University of Texas, Austin, Liberal Arts Career Services.
"Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? If only you could find a way to go abroad and, better yet, get someone else to pay for it!" This extensive career and job-search guide is focused on how to go about finding that international job, but you are forewarned. "Finding an international job is a challenging task and generally only the best succeed." Dr. Katharine S. Brooks, director of Career Services for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Texas at Austin says this guide emphasizes "positive realism. I am not going to lead you down a rosy path implying that international jobs are plentiful and easy to find." The guide includes articles on the realities of this search, lists of resources by location, places to look for long-term and short-term opportunities, and the rules for the search (no, they are not the same everywhere). Absolutely wonderful!
Working Abroad: Finding International Internships and Entry-Level Jobs [PDF] (Occupational Outlook Quarterly, Fall 2006 Vol. 50, Number 3)
In a nutshell, "All the world’s a workplace in planning your career. Here’s an indepth guide to locating, landing, and leaving for an internship or job abroad." This article talks about programs that help workers "start careers in far-off places, including student internships and short-term work; U.S. Government work; teaching, agricultural, and au pair positions; and volunteer opportunities. The article also includes tips on navigating a foreign job search and preparing for and financing a trip abroad." I encourage anyone interested in an international search to download this free article and read it! You’ll find a directory of programs included, but note that this article is from 2006 so you may need to use a search engine to verify these are still available. This is a PDF document and will require the Adobe reader to view it.
The BIG Guide to Working and Living Overseas
Formerly titled "The Canadian Guide to Working and Living Overseas", Jean-Marc Hachey is now focusing this work to persons currently living in North America but hoping to find work elsewhere. This site replicates the information in the print edition (4th ed, 2007. About $55.00 at and provides updates to that material for less than half the cost. It is a huge amount of info to sort (print ed is about 1800 pages).

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Working Abroad, Visa, & Immigration Information

Simplifying the Path to Securing a Work Visa, Mary Anne Thompson
"Your resume was flawless, the interview went beyond well, and you have been offered a coveted position abroad with a company you respect. Of course, you have accepted the offer, and the job is yours. Well, almost. There is one final hurdle to jump before breaking open the celebratory champagne – securing that very necessary work visa. A job offer does not guarantee a visa, but there are several steps you can take to give yourself the best chance to get the visa application process working for you." Mary Anne is the founder of, which you’ll find in our list of resoruces for The International Job Search, above.
Articles and Advice from
This short collection of articles and resource lists includes some very important information! First, there is the Tips for International Employment: What You Must Know. This article discusses how to go about obtaining the paperwork you will need to work in another country. Then, there is the The Country-By-Country Guide: For Work Permit and Visa Information — links to who you need to contact for proper documents. This list only covers countries who post in the AboutJobs network, but it is a great starting point. You will notice that each country has a different set of rules for what you need and how you obtain it. Finally, for all of those interested in work in the US, there is The Skinny on Work Visas in the USA. It covers what you need and where to go for assistance.
Travel, Study, and Work in the U.S. (
Official information on and links to services for travel, student, and work visas for the United States. Before you check the category that meets your needs, please review the information on Getting to and Leaving the US for lists of embassies around the world, border entry information, health information for travelers to North America, and much more.
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (was INS)
..information on immigration statistics and notes for U.S. employers and those wanting to enter this country. Includes news on Congressional actions affecting immigration. Formerly called the US Immigration and Naturalization service, but now part of the Department of Homeland Security.
…a UK-based resource created to help people who are considering a move to another country. While their information is targeted to UK citizens, all of the articles offer good advice that anyone moving from one country to another should consider.
Office of International Services, Indiana University (Bloomington)
Includes good information for foreign nationals (primarily those currently studying in the US) wanting to remain in and work in the U.S.
Foreign Teachers’ Guide to Living and Teaching in China (
"This is a free comprehensive online guide written by career educators and experienced foreign experts in China for prospective and current foreign teachers that contains volumes of well-documented information about living and teaching English in China. It covers more than 50 topics and addresses what every foreign teacher should know before accepting a job offer. If you are thinking about living and teaching English in China, then you owe it to yourself to read this guide." While it is targeted to teachers of English as a Second Language, I recommend that anyone considering a job move to China look at this guide. This guide is enormous and really covers every topic you might possibly think of in terms of relocating to China for employment. To get an oversight of the entire guide, check the Comprehensive Summary to quickly cover the most important points discussed here. Need something even shorter because you are trying to determine if a current job offer is good? Review their mini-checklist with links to relevant sections of the guide. Marvelous discussion and guide not just to working in China but also the many issues people working in a foreign country need to consider.
…an integrated migration and recruitment company operated by an Australian registered migration agent and recruitment agent. If you are interested in the possibility of relocating from your current country to Australia, Konnecting can help. First, their website is filled with helpful information on visas, the Skilled Occupations List, settlement (the link to numerous helpful documents), and much more. Second, they are a recruiter and have jobs which are open to immigrants who meet the skills and visa qualifications. You are welcome to submit a resume to any you see or to merely contact them with your resume or to discuss your possible relocation.
Working While You Study in the UK
…provided by The British Council, this contains information for international students who would like to work while studying in Britain.
Council on International Education Exchange
…is you are considering international studies or internships, you may want to check out the programs and services offered by this organization. No, they will not find you a job nor provide housing if you are enrolling in a university program, but they will help you fill out the forms, give you lists of housing locations and potential employers, and support you in other ways. They charge a fee for their services, but the facilitation should be well worth it.
International Labour Standards
… the International Labour Organization (ILO) provides two searchable databases, ILOLEX and NATLEX, containing information on international labor standards, national labor laws, and who has agreed to abide by what standards. International candidates as well as those considering International placement may be very interested in some of the regulations and agreements contained within. The ILO web site is available in English, Spanish, and French. ILOLEX is available in English, French, and Spanish from any set of pages. French and Spanish versions of NATLEX can be accessed by going to those versions of the ILO pages and selecting ILO Databases under Information resources and databases. I have linked to the English version of the website, but it is also available in Spanish and French. The links to those versions are at the top of the page.
Kol en & Kolken, Immigration Lawyers
…for persons considering moving to the US to look for work, this site is filled with information to help you understand the immigration process, what to consider before starting the process, and what you can expect to encounter along the way. They also have a referral to a Canadian firm ready to assist persons hoping to enter that country.
Work and Live Abroad
…very informative website for anyone considering relocation to a new country for work or just for a new place to live. Articles have been written by legal counselors or compiled from information released by official sources (the article on How to Avoid Illegal Recruiters was adapted from a leaflet published by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration). Very good and very well designed.

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General Guides

CIA World Factbook
Updated annually. Nations are listed alphabetically; select the one you want and get pages and pages of material. It’s basic, unadorned data, but where else can you find everything from GDP and industrial production growth rates to the state of telecommunications connections and number of ships in a nation’s merchant marine? The site also lets you download maps, access a list of international organizations, and view a compilation of selected international environmental agreements. The main CIA publications page offers more documents such as the Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments.
…a guide to business cultures around the world. Experts from each country have prepared articles on appointments (making and keeping), business attire, conversation, how to address your colleague, gift giving, make a deal, and other topics. A list of helpful websites for each country completes each guide.
Portals to the World
…an electronic database containing selective links to resources with valuable information for various nations and other geographic areas of the world (such as the Panama Canal). Operated by the Library of Congress, the links were chosen by their subject specialists. Countries and regions are arranged alphabetically and each contain links sorted into topics like General Resources, Business, Government and Law, News and Current Events, and much more. It’s not complete, but this is already a marvelous resource filled with links to good information for each country. The final goal is a page for each nation of the world.
Escape Artist
Excellent source of International news and information, including living and working abroad. Links to embassy pages, world news sources, job resources, relocating overseas for work or retirement

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Government Info

Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments
…more of your tax dollars at work! This is an updated list of Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments. Country entries are organized alphabetically and include the head of state, legislative leader, various cabinet secretaries or ministers, security chief, and head of the state bank, among others. You never know when you’ll need the name of the Minister of Post and Telecommunications for Armenia. Each page is dated so you know the last time they updated the listings. A product of that great information gathering agency, the CIA. Sorry, no maps.
The European Union on-line
…all the information you need about the EU, including links to the member governments and important treaty and travel documents.
Foreign Governments (non-U.S. governments)
…provided by the Northwestern University Library Government and Geographic Information and Data Services Department, this page links to official pages for governments throughout the world.
Comprehensive List of IGOs (Intergovernmental Organizations), Northwestern University Library
Compiled by the International Documents department of the library, this is a list of all the IGOs of which they are aware. They do note that an IGO must have a web page to be included in the list. In general, they link to sites in English, when available, and they only link to the main page (i.e. welcome or home page) of the organization. Interesting collection that includes trade associations, regional interest groups, development banks, and much more. You can also review this list by Region or Theme using the links in the left menu.

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…linking the staffs and resources of the Washington DC embassy community. Many embassies link to business information in their home countries.

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Expatriate Forums

Expat Exchange
…"virtual community has been online since June of 1997 and helped to connect over 67,000 people relocating to, living in or returning from over 135 overseas locations. Over 2,100 of you have volunteered to help others — proving that expats, given the right communication tools, are your own greatest resource. In addition, our growing group of experts and regional contacts contribute helpful articles, lead chat sessions and answer questions on more specific topics."
…a web-based resource for expatriate foreign nationals working, visiting, moving to, or living in Mexico. You’ll find information on relocation and living, the community, where to go and what to do, and doing business and finding work in Mexico. It also connects you to this community so you can network with others and get the assistance and support you need.

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