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If you are to have any hope of being hired for your dream job, you have to ensure you make a strong impression on hiring managers, which is often made easier with a strong CV that displays the professional traits, skills, and experiences that make you a viable candidate. Find out how to draft an effective CV, like the one found below, with an education CV example and additional tips. You have everything you need for a well-written CV that includes a professional summary, interest section, work experience section, and much more.

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Leland Jennings

8324 Crestview Lane #18201 , Littleton, CO 11111

E: P: 333-333-1234

Professional Summary

Journalism teacher with a solid eight years of experience teaching middle and high school students as well as college freshmen. Dedicated to teaching future reporters proper journalism ethics, writing and interviewing skills, and ways to be objective. Have written for several online and traditional publications, with a particular interest in LGBT subject matter and reviewing sci-fi/fantasy novels. Also a member of the Society of Professional Journalists and the Association of Black Journalists.

  • -Strong researching skills and knowledge of research databases, which allows me to write factual and compact stories and provide students with the resources they need to be solid journalists. -Excellent verbal and written communication skills in the classroom and in the field, helping me form solid connections with my students and interviewees. -Able to keep up with the fast pace of the news industry and pass on that sense of urgency blended with thoroughness to students. -Skilled in using the latest editing equipment, distance learning education platforms, and classroom technology. -Proven persistence that is often necessary when it comes to teaching and reaching students to make sure they understand the subject matter.
Work Experience
Print Journalism Teacher
June 2013 – present

  • Introduce high school students to the basics of journalism, such as how to conduct an interview, how to format stories, how to use industry resources, and how to work with an editor.
  • Teach a team of four students whose stories went on to be featured in a national publication.
  • Review current events and use them as learning tools and examples of proper and improper journalistic practices.
  • Show students online news sites to keep them current on the latest trends and uses of technology in the industry.

Broadcast Journalism Teacher
January 2011 – June 2013

  • Instructed students on the fundamentals of investigative journalism.

  • Arranged mock interviews for class with local citizens and professionals.

  • Provided lessons to classes for giving broadcast news reports.

  • Showed students broadcast news reports to teach them about proper speech patterns and word choice while delivering a report.

Teacher’s AssistantMarch 2009 – January 2011

  • Assisted head journalism professor at Kennington University with teaching three classes of beginner, intermediate, and advance journalism students.
  • Created assignments for classes to give students well-rounded experience writing for newspapers, magazines, and online publications.
  • Graded assignments, quizzes, and tests to gauge students’ grasp of the subject matter and determine future curriculum.

Master of Arts in Education

Metro State University
Denver CO
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

Denver University
Denver CO
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy writing screenplays in my free time, as well as comic book scripts. On the weekends, I volunteer at the local homeless shelter and offer free tutoring lessons in English and grammar.

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Education CV Must-Haves

What Does Education Do?

Educators are tasked with teaching students about one or more subjects at different education levels, such as elementary, middle, and high school. Educators use different teaching methods and materials to help students learn more about a specific subject. They also enforce the school’s rules and work with other educators and parents to provide a proper learning environment. Educators also teach university and college students, sometimes referred to as postsecondary teachers. Postsecondary teachers might conduct their own independent research and publish their findings. Be sure your educator CV reflects your ability to carry out these responsibilities, which is made easier with the help of an education CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great Education CV

Wondering how do you make a CV for an education role? Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you write your education CV:

– Be sure you carefully proofread and edit your CV so that it is free of errors and only contains the most essential information that potential employers need to know.
– Do not include anything in your CV that might be seen as political, controversial, or religious.
– Include any special teaching certifications you might have in your CV, as well as any you are in the process of earning.
– Make note of your written and verbal communication, interpersonal, speaking, and critical-thinking abilities in the skills section of your CV, as these are essential attributes for a teacher.
– Do not forget that it is okay to use sentence fragments in the professional summary section of your CV.
– If you are currently in school, do put your current school on your resume. Note your expected date of graduation, which will indicate to employers that your degree is still in progress.
– If you have more than one degree and you are wondering what order to list them, put your education in reverse chronological order, with your most recent degree at the top on the list.