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Looking for a job can be a competitive process, and you are likely trying to find ways to set yourself apart from other candidates. One of the best ways to do this is to craft a professional CV that highlights your skills and experience to grab the attention of employers and land an interview. This marketing coordinator CV example can guide you as you refine your own document so you know what to include, what formatting guidelines to follow, and how to avoid common CV mistakes.
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Marty Brown

6070 West Pine Tree v, Hill Valley, CA 11111

E: T: 555-787-0007

Professional Summary

Skilled marketing officer with years of experience developing online advertising campaigns as well as creating ads for radio and television. Excelled at proper optimization of SEO principles and proven track record of increasing traffic to clients’ websites. Exceptional copywriter who can create shareable content that is easy to locate on search engines. Ability to determine necessary budget for specific campaigns without ever needing to go over.

    -Critical thinking skills to weigh the pros and cons of certain marketing campaigns against others -Proficient in adapting and adjusting a campaign’s course of action if it is not meeting standards -Excellent written and oral communication skills to speak with members of every department within a company -In-depth knowledge of how to use data analysis and analytical software -Exceptional with producing a fluency of ideas so management always has options to choose from
Work Experience
Marketing Officer
September 2015 – Present

  • Create social media pages for company, including Facebook and Twitter accounts, which garnered 12,000 likes and 20,000 followers respectively within the first year.
  • Update social media accounts regularly to engage with general public.
  • Negotiate contracts with local television and radio stations to get air time and sponsor contests.
  • Develop tables for trade shows, visiting cities all across the state to promote company’s services.
  • Analyze ratings for television air time and social media posts to determine what is working and should be utilized in the future.

Marketing Coordinator
May 2013 – September 2015

  • Identified new trends within the SEO realm and implemented them at the company’s online accounts.

  • Compiled lists of all the products the company had to offer and developed product descriptions for over 10,000 items.

  • Initiated market research campaigns to determine what the public’s perception of the organization was.

  • Utilized forecasting techniques to tell when company sales would drop so that we could budget accordingly.

Marketing Officer
June 2010 – May 2013

  • Advised supervisor on what products were selling well so that we could better stock those items.
  • Consulted with appropriate personnel regarding areas of the business that could go green, and ended up saving the organization $750 annually in reduced power costs.
  • Collaborated with legal department to get the proper patents on all unique items.
  • Recommended modifications to products to make them more commercially viable.

Bachelor of Arts in Marketing

Loyola Marymount University
Los Angeles CA

Hobbies and Interests

I run a community food drive once every three months, which has had great success in the past. In fact, last February, we had over 5,000 items of food dropped off at the homeless shelter.

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Marketing Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Marketing Officer Do?

Marketing officers assist with all the advertising campaigns carried out by a company. In the past, that would only entail coordinating what ads ran in newspapers, radio, and television, but today, it only involves online ads. Search engine optimization has become a desired skill. Marketing officers need to manage the social media pages of an organization and regularly update it with shareable posts. They also need to interact with the public when asked questions through these channels. Officers also coordinate activities that take place during trade shows to sell a company’s services or products while networking with other marketing professionals. Finally, marketing officers need to be cognizant of how successful certain campaigns are, so they need to be able to analyze data. In the marketing officer CV example, you get a better understanding of how this information should be written out.

Tips for Creating a Great Marketing Officer CV

You should be feeling ready to get to work on your own CV, but make sure to read these tips before beginning:

-Similarly to how you will market a company’s services, you need to market yourself in the CV. That starts immediately within the Professional Summary because you have four lines to engage readers and want them to keep reading.
-Past jobs should have bullet points that begin with verbs written in the past tense. Your current job should have verbs written in the present tense.
-Include details and numbers throughout your work experiences. This is preferable over simply listing duties.
-You can omit the date of your graduation if you want. However, if you have more than one degree, you would need to be consistent and remove the dates from all of them.
-Avoid writing in the third person on your CV.


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