Resume Templates: Nursing Clinical Instructor


Resume Templates: Nursing Clinical Instructor

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Heading Susan Hightower 14354 Pencil Cut Drive Bayou, LA, 72410 Cell: (555) 987-1234 Summary Nursing Clinical Instructor teaches medical students basic and advanced medical procedures. Teacher lectures, supports and instructs future nurses on basics of clinical neurology, immunology and gerontology. Specializes in pharmaceutical knowledge on the latest ointments, pills, drugs and cutting edge treatments. Highlights
  • Detail oriented
  • Caring
  • Knowledge of human body
  • Pharmacy experience
  • Engaging
  • Good public speaker
  • Solid oral and written communication
Work Experience October 2005 to February 2008 Health Care Academy – Bayou, LA Nursing Clinical Instructor – Taught nurses the proper techniques for transporting senior citizens. – Lead class room sizes of about 50 nurses each semester. – Coordinated clinical hands-on class sessions at local hospitals. March 2008 to February 2011 Upper Louisiana Technical College – Bayou, LA Nursing Clinical Instructor – Organized course for general surgery. – Taught class rooms sizes of around 43 nurses each semester. – Updated manuals on theoretical knowledge for the staff. March 2011 to January 2014 Louisiana Bayou State University – Bayou, LA Nursing Clinical Instructor – Wrote book on clinical instruction in the health care field. – Earned $1,539,024 from book sales. – Started website for nursing clinical instruction. Education 2003 Louisiana State University, Bayou, LA Bachelor of Science, Chemistry


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