Resume Templates: Marketing Coordinator


As a marketing coordinator, you know who important a stellar resume is. Just like an amazing advertising campaign, a resume accentuates all your best attributes. When putting yours together, compile all of your data regarding what sells and apply it to yourself.

Grab a prospective employer’s attention immediately with a resume summary spotlighting your computer database prowess as well as your ability to interpret market research. Then, highlight key qualities like excellent negotiation and presentation skills. Marketing coordinators tend to work long hours. Don’t be afraid to include your willingness to put in the hours to complete a project on time.

You know how to set up a marketing campaign. It’s your forte, but before you cross the t’s on your resume, take a few minutes to read through our marketing coordinator resume template.

Resume Templates: Marketing Coordinator

Marketing Coordinator Resume Questions

1. What can you do to make your marketing coordinator resume stand out?

Prospective employers skim each resume for as little as six seconds before deciding whether an applicant is a competitive candidate. Making the most of the summary statement and skills section are two of the best ways to make a submission for a marketing coordinator position stand out.

Show how your combination of experience, skills, and training satisfy all the requirements for the position you want. Marketing coordinators may share some of the same skills, but you should strive to present your skills in a way that responds directly to the job description. You can also use metrics or statistics in your summary statement or the entries in your experience section to quantify the difference your contribution makes.

2. How many skills should you put on a marketing coordinator resume?

It is a good idea to list between five and 10 skills on a resume. This allows you to respond to the major requirements for a marketing coordinator role and address some of your strengths while keeping this section easy to skim. The candidate on our marketing coordinator resume sample lists a total of six skills.

Bullet points can be an effective way to organize the skills section. You may format your document with either one or two columns of points to make the most of the same amount of space.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a marketing coordinator resume?

Depending on how significant team experience is for the job you want, you may address teamwork skills in your summary statement or skills section, or in entries in the work experience section. The candidate on our marketing coordinator resume sample points out her ability to work with various levels of management as well as her negotiation and presentation skills in her skills section. She mentions her work on market research programs and contributions toward developing hiring policies in past positions.

4. Should you include references on a marketing coordinator resume?

There is no need to include references on your submission. If an employer expresses interest in learning more about you as a candidate, you should be ready to provide references. It is a good idea to notify your references that you are seeking a position as a marketing coordinator and obtain their preferred method of contact. If an employer requests references, you will be ready to provide accurate information.

5. How long should a marketing coordinator resume be?

Most resumes should fit on a single page. The candidate on our marketing coordinator resume sample describes 15 years of experience on one page by focusing on the major skills employers hiring a marketing coordinator need to know. If your professional document is much longer, make sure that you are responding directly to the description of the position for which you are applying. You may also be able to save space by using formatting strategically. If you aren’t sure how to structure your document, use this sample as a template for our step-by-step resume builder.

Now that you know the ins and outs of resume creation, use our Marketing Coordinator cover letter sample to build the next important element of your job application portfolio.

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Resume Text

Ashley Quintz 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234


Accomplished Marketing Coordinator who has developed several innovative ways to gather and utilize market research data. Adept at utilizing computer databases, creating materials to open up new markets and identifying a target audience. Specializes in technology and apparel sales.


  • Has had marketing methods published in two industry publications
  • Excellent ability to work with all levels of management
  • Exceptional computer database and software skills
  • Very strong negotiating and presentation skills
  • Dedicated to getting marketing answers through data
  • Has been known to work a lot of hours to get the job done

Work Experience

May 2010 to February 2015 Harrison And Sons – New Parkland, CA Marketing Coordinator
  • Responsible for gathering, storing and analyzing all pertinent market research data.
  • Helped the company to successfully break into two new geographic markets in one year.
  • Responsible for maintaining and scheduling the company trade show booth.
June 2005 to May 2010 Fletcher Incorporated – New Parkland, CA Marketing Coordinator
  • Responsible for maintaining and utilizing marketing database.
  • Arranged and managed several market research programs that brought in valuable data.
  • Assisted in putting together departmental budgets and offering projections for the coming year.
June 2000 to June 2005 Thomas Corporation – New Parkland, CA Marketing Coordinator
  • Responsible for developing marketing methods that resulted in a 40 percent increase in marketing efficiency.
  • Assisted in developing hiring policies that brought in more qualified marketing experts.
  • Responsible for maintaining, staffing and scheduling the company trade show booth.


2000 Starfield College, New Parkland, CA Bachelor of Science, Marketing