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Becoming a caregiver can be a rewarding career, but first you need a resume to help your skills, experience and personality shine. Your resume is the first impression most hiring managers will have of you. To get the caregiver job you want, your resume needs to make a big impact, and we can help you market yourself effectively to hiring managers.

When writing your caregiver resume, remember to note your licenses and accreditations. Many employers want someone with experience and ideally a specialization. Because a caregiver works one on one with vulnerable people, employers will definitely want to know that you are personable, sensitive and patient-focused. Highlight these qualities by putting this information in a prominent place in your resume, so that employers can see that you have the qualities that make a successful caregiver.

Take a look at our caregiver resume template for inspiration as you write your own resume.

Caregiver Resume Sample

Caregiver Resume Questions

1. How do you write a caregiver resume?

As you get started on your personal document, remember that hiring managers are likely to spend only six seconds on each application that crosses their desks. This means your first 20 words are the most important and that the top third of the page will determine whether the hiring manager continues reading. Your personal summary, located just below your header, is the section employers are most likely to read. Refer to our caregiver resume sample for ideas about which skills to include and how to format the document.

2. How should you structure your caregiver resume?

Many employers today use Applicant Tracking Systems to filter through resumes. These software systems are easily confused by extraneous formatting, unusual fonts, and colored lines of text. Center your page, use keywords gleaned from the job description and common to your industry, and balance your use of bullets and paragraphs. Many hiring managers find that a balance between white space and content makes the document visually appealing. It is okay to go onto a second page, but do your best to keep your information concise and impactful. Take a look at our caregiver resume sample to see what a great document looks like.

3. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a caregiver resume?

There’s not a lot of space on your page, so make the best use of it. Stick to between three and six bullet points (as in our caregiver resume sample), but it’s more important to focus on listing your most impressive accomplishments. Review your work experiences, looking for ways you helped an employer, saved the company money, improved customer relations, or received special recognition. Choose specific phrases from the job description that are relevant to your work history and pair the phrases with specific metrics, such as the percentage of money you saved your employer.

4. How do you list schools in a caregiver resume?

Your education section is short, but still has an important impact on your employment opportunities. Be sure to include the name of your degree, your school, and your graduation date. Most hiring managers will look to determine whether you have the appropriate academic credentials, but most don’t care much about your GPA. You may want to consider including special certifications and licensing, if they are relevant to the job, as well as continuing education courses.

5. How do you make a caregiver resume with no experience?

You may not have work experience because this is your first job, you’ve recently re-entered the workforce, or you decided to switch from one career to another. Whatever your reasons, creating a resume without experience can be challenging. One of the most effective things you can do is play up your selling points. Consider any transferable skills you can bring to the table. If you volunteered in your community kitchen, for example, you may have developed record-keeping abilities that are valuable in a caregiver setting. Focus your page on those abilities, rather than on work experiences. You might consider listing achievements before your work experience to give them more prominence on the document. Choose verbs to describe your abilities, and pair them with numbers and results as much as possible. Refer to our resume builder for step-by-step guidance as you create your personal document.

Cheers to you for conquering your Caregiver resume writing fears. What comes next? A smashing cover letter, which you can learn how to pen through our Caregiver cover letter sample.

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Resume Text

Phylis Jones

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337

Career Overview

Dedicated Caregiver experienced in working with disabled patients. Committed to improving overall patient wellbeing and health through personal care and energetic engagement. Skilled in assisting patients with daily living.

Areas of Expertise

Schedule management
Housekeeping and laundry
Meal preparation
Doctor’s visits
Mobility assistance

Medication administration
Grooming and bathing assistance
Personal care
Fit and able to move patients
Calm and level-headed under duress

Professional Experience

September 2011 to Current
Young at Heart Health Services New Cityland, CA

Prepare meals and keep kitchen, bathroom, and living areas clean.
Launder clothing and bedding, and change linens.
Groom and bathe patients as needed.
Arrange medications for use and organize supplies.
Drive clients to appointments, pick up medications, and sort mail.

March 2007 to August 2011
Private Home Services New Cityland, CA

Managed patient schedules including doctor’s visits.
Ran errands and completed grocery shopping.
Kept patient living environments clean, neat, and free of safety hazards.
Followed patient care plans and observed patient behaviors.
Helped patients complete therapy and exercise activities.

November 2004 to February 2007
Sunrise Healthcare New Cityland, CA

Assisted patients with daily living activities including personal grooming.
Bathed immobile patients and helped mobile patients into showers.
Completed light housekeeping duties including changing bedding.
Laid out medications according to schedule.
Engaged patients in activities such as walks and easy games.

Education and Training

2004 America University New Cityland, CA
Human Services


CPR and First Aid Certifications (Current)