Caregivers Companions Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Caregiver Companion Cover Letter Example

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What Caregivers Companions Do

Caregivers companions allow the disadvantaged to maintain a sense of dignity. These unfortunate individuals can be the sick or elderly, or the disabled. What they all have in common is what we might see as simple tasks will be a physical challenge for them. A person confined to a wheelchair could have difficulty getting groceries home. An Alzheimer’s sufferer may love to take a walk but may not be capable of finding their way home. A severely disabled adult could use assistance in preparing meals.

Your Cover Letter

A caregivers companions cover letter should express not what the candidate has done but why. It should clarify what makes them excellent caregiver companions. They need to be even tempered, ready to assist with almost any detail. They may help with bathing, housekeeping, paying bills and monitoring dieting. A caregiver companion could accompany clients to medical appointments and ensure they take their medications. A huge part of the job will be to maintain a relationship with the client, providing conversation and company. Caregiver companions will take walks, play board games or cards, or watch television with clients.


Caregiver companions will need a range of training depending on with whom they are placed. Formal education in a medical or behavioral science is a plus. A caregiver companion for a patient with Alzheimer’s will need relevant certification and training, just as a caregiver companion will need different training for their time with autistic adults.Caregiver companions should have a tremendous amount of patience and tact. They need exemplary training that allows them to act appropriately in case of emergency. They have to work independently, multitask, problem solve and be at their best empathetically and emotionally at the worst of times.


According to a MetLife survey, caregiver companions in some states were making 19 dollars per hour. This number was affected by many factors, including level of skill, credentials, amount of time and work with companion, location, source of companion (directly hired by family or sourced by company), and even the severity or personality of the companion. Sample Caregivers Companions Cover Letter The sample below is a great start for any caregivers companions cover letter. It has all the elements needed such as an introduction, highlighting of skills and knowledge and why a hiring manager would want to consider you.