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How to Write the Perfect Resume After Maternity Leave

Taking an extended leave of absence to have a baby or raise your children can create a gap in your resume. Here are some ways to help position this fact in a more positive note by reworking your experience and creating the perfect resume.

1. Honesty – Be Truthful About Your Gap of Experience

The most important thing for jobseekers returning to the workforce after extended time at home is, to be honest. Don't substitute your gap of experience with a made up job that doesn't exist.

2. Euphemisms – Don't Include a Job Entry for Your Years at Home

Another way that some former homemakers address this issue is turning their time at home into a job title, like domestic executive. Instead, put information about your time at home in some other part of your resume to deal with the time gap.

3. Avoidance – Don't Leave a Noticeable Hole in Your Resume

Additionally, don't simply leave the hole in your resume and not mention anything. Employers may wonder what happened to you and have concerns about your commitment.

4. Research – Find Companies More Likely to Accept You

When you're ready to go back to work, start the process by looking for organizations that are family-friendly. These companies may be more likely to hire you.

5. Network – Revisit Former Colleagues and Contacts for Help

You can also go back to your previous jobs, and look for opportunities there. Some organizations work to bring back former employees this way.

6. Rewrite – Use an Older Version of Your Resume and Revise

Then, it's time to take a look at your old resume and revise it. You can get closer to the perfect resume if you learn best practices for people looking for jobs today.

7. Summary Objective – Address the Situation With a Goal

At the beginning of your updated resume, you should state your goals for your job search in the summary statement. Include your top qualities.

8. Skills Update – Take Time to Increase Your Marketability

Then, make sure you've taken time to update your skills for the job you want. List your marketable skills to increase your hiring chances.

9. Digital Expertise – Show Your Capabilities With Extensive Computer Knowledge

Include plenty of skills that show your comfort with digital technology. If you are well-versed in social media, highlight this.

10. Experience – Include Volunteer Work From Your Time at Home

While you may not have gained professional experience from your leave, you could include volunteer work. Mention projects and tasks related to the new opportunity you're seeking.

Go the Extra Mile

The format for your newly updated resume must not hinder your application process. The perfect resume clearly presents the information in an understandable format to hiring managers. Choose a font that is clear on both computer screens and in print. Make sure the font you choose is simple and not too fancy. Select a font size that is legible to most readers, like 11 point. Reformat your resume so it displays the same across different devices, such as computers, tablets and mobile phones. Use a preferred file type that is common across different industries, such as Microsoft Word. Avoid inserting heavy graphics or bright colors that could detract from your resume's purpose.

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