Baker Cover Letter Example + Tips

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You might have written a great resume, but now you need to craft a fantastic cover letter to accompany it. A cover letter is your opportunity to expand on the ideas presented in your resume and can show why you are the best person to work in this field. If you need assistance expanding upon your skillset and experiences, then read through this free baker cover letter sample for ideas.

Dear Ms. Palo,

I have loved baking goods since I was a kid. I have put that passion to use at various bakeries over the years, and I believe I have acquired the skills you are looking for in a talented baker.

While I am perfectly capable of following recipes to create delicious cookies, cakes, and pies, I am also unafraid to work on my own to create unique concoctions. For example, when I worked at Frida’s Bakery, I created the “Cherry Vanilla Soufflé.” The manager loved the initiative I took and started selling it. It quickly became one of our most popular items on Yelp.

However, I also understand that being a baker entails more responsibilities than simply baking food. I am more than willing to interact with all customers and listen to their orders and any concerns they might have. Over the years, I have needed to relay information from customers to the manager, and I always make sure to write everything down to make sure nothing gets forgotten.

If there is anything else you would like to know about my background, I would be more than happy to schedule a time to discuss my skills further. Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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What to Include in a Baker Cover Letter

While it is OK to be funny to an extent, but avoid going overboard and risking not being taken seriously. You should follow what the free baker cover letter sample demonstrates and avoid vague statements, avoid speaking negatively of past employers, and keep your cover letter from sounding like a cheesy commercial. Cut to the chase and explain in simple language why you are best for the job.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Feel free to expand upon the free baker cover letter sample given by including some additional relevant skills. You want to include qualities you possess and would be useful for the position being discussed.

● Physical stamina: You will be on your feet a lot as a baker. You should be comfortable with standing for hours on end.
● Eye for details: You may be asked to create custom orders with intricate designs, so you should be capable of following directions.
● Strength: Carrying around ingredients, including heavy bags of flour, is common for most bakers. The ability to lift 50 pounds is highly recommended.
● Math skills: Following recipes requires basic math, particularly fractions.