Kitchen Staff Cover Letter Example + Tips

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While some employers require a cover letter, others may not. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need one. A cover letter is an important part of your job application and it gives you a great way to connect with a company on a more personal level than a resume does. Use this free kitchen staff cover letter sample and the handy, industry-specific tips to create your own letter.

Dear Ms. Goody,

I would like to apply for the role of kitchen staff with your restaurant. I have experience in this role and I believe I am a great candidate for the job.

I have had various jobs at a few local restaurants, including working as a dishwasher, bus boy, and in food preparation. No matter what job duties I had, I learned how to work as part of a team and pitch in wherever needed. That meant I might need to deliver ice to the dining area, change soda lines, or chop up more fries for the lunch rush.

I was responsible for preparing a sufficient amount of salad ingredients, potatoes, eggs, etc., along with basic ingredients for a variety of menu items. I also was able to cook simple menu items and make sandwiches. I enjoyed the fast pace and camaraderie.

I am interested in expanding my cooking skills and I know I would make a great member of your kitchen team. I would be glad to discuss my background further with you.

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What to Include in a Kitchen Staff Cover Letter

Here are some ideas you can use to draft your letter, based on this free kitchen staff cover letter sample. Keep your letter short and to the point, don’t ramble, and stop at four paragraphs. That is plenty of space to introduce yourself, which is what a cover letter does. Use language from the posting to explain your abilities to perform the job. Be sure to end with a sentence thanking them for their time or consideration.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You should adapt your cover letter to meet the job requirements by including relevant information. Here are some characteristics that can be helpful to include when applying for a position as kitchen staff. Add these to the ideas in the free kitchen staff cover letter sample.

● Dexterity: Food preparation workers use sharp knives to chop veggies, slice meat, and do many other tasks. They must be able to work quickly and safely with sharp objects.
● Listening: Prep workers must understand customers’ orders and follow directions from cooks, chefs, or managers.
● Stamina: Food workers are on their feet for most of their shift. They also must be able to clean work areas and lift heavy pots repeatedly.
● Physical strength: You should be able to carry food supplies that weigh up to 50 pounds.