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Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: August 08, 2022
  • 30% higher chance of getting a job‡
  • 42% higher response rate from recruiters‡

A job search can be overwhelming, but with an outstanding resume, you can get the Indian chef position you want. Think of your resume as a marketing tool; its only purpose is to showcase your skills and fantastic cooking ability. Your resume should be used to highlight your most valuable skills and achievements.

An Indian chef requires excellent cooking skills. Be sure to highlight your cooking skills by describing your signature dishes and stressing ingredients and techniques which make you stand out from the rest of the Indian chefs applying for the position.

Check out our Indian chef resume templates to guide you as you write your own stellar resume.

indian chef resume sample


Indian Chef Resume Questions

1. How do you write an objective statement for an Indian chef resume?

Whether you specialize in Tamil cuisine or traditional Punjabi recipes, your flair for culinary presentation should come out clearly in your summary statement. The professional summary has replaced the resume objective as the preferred introduction to employers, due to its clear value proposition and demonstration of why you’re the best hire for the job.

Write no more than three sentences outlining your top skills and what makes you unique. Need a little inspiration? Try reviewing our Indian chef resume sample.

2. How do you write the experience section of your Indian chef resume?

The experience section of your resume should break down your work history for the last 10-15 years, separated by individual employer and job title. For each job listing, include the employer name, your title, the location of the job, and your years of experience followed by six to eight bullet points detailing your daily activities and notable accomplishments.

Write this section using action-oriented language. Action-oriented language avoids passive verbiage to create a more exciting, actively involved resume through skillful use of verbs.

3. How do you make an Indian chef resume for a first job?

Lack of work experience doesn’t have to mean a lackluster resume. Focus on the accomplishments you garnered in culinary school. Don’t just linger on your grade point average; discuss the important courses you took and what you learned from them, as well as how you applied your unique style to make the techniques and recipes your own.

As a chef you have a great deal of leeway for getting creative in describing your process even without work experience, but if you’re stumped for how to get started, take a look at our Indian chef resume sample for ideas. Still lost? Use our customized resume builder to create your perfect resume.

4. How long should an Indian chef resume be?

With few exceptions, your resume should always be one page only. A one-page resume provides a succinct overview of your qualifications in a single glance. You’re less likely to lose the reader’s attention from one page to the next. One-page resumes impress employers with an impactful statement that gathers the sum total of your qualifications in one place rather than scattering them in a way that detracts from the power of your statements.

5. How do you list schools in an Indian chef resume?

Particularly for jobseekers just starting on the job market, the schools you attended can make or break your chances. Some of the greatest culinary schools in the world can guarantee a job just on name alone.

Just as in our Indian chef resume sample, your schools belong in your education section, along with any degrees or certifications you attained, but for your particular position, you can also include them in your summary. You may open your professional summary with a statement such as “Creative Indian chef and graduate of Prestigious School, with over 10 years of experience creating succulent, delectable Indian dishes that modernize traditional recipes.”

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Resume Text


Tyler Brown 123 Fake Street City, State, Zip Code Cell: 000-000-0000


Traditional Indian Chef with creative flare. Well-versed in crafting a full spectrum of favorite Indian dishes. Experience in higher-end Indian restaurants, in catering Indian cuisine and at popular Indian buffets.


  • Creative chef
  • Gourmet training
  • Highly-versed in healthy menus
  • Skilled multi-tasker
  • Kitchen team player
  • Extensive culinary training

Work Experience

March 2010 to October 2012 Indian Palace — City, State Indian Chef

  • Chief chef at top of the line Indian bistro in upscale suburban area.
  • Responsible for selecting weekly menus for lunch and dinner.
  • Oversaw preparation of all entrees.
  • Managed all members of kitchen staff, including responsibilities for hiring, training and review of employees.

October 2012 to January 2014 Bombay Jewel — City, State Indian Chef

  • Responsibilities including overseeing of preparation of all entrees and other dishes served during evening shift at upscale Indian bistro.
  • Assisted in the development of dinner and supper menus on a seasonal basis.
  • Oversaw evening kitchen crew, including all staff members.
  • Coordinated ordering of all foodstuffs and associated items in conjunction with general manager.

January 2014 to Present Company Name — City, State Indian Chef

  • Chief lunch and dinner chef at Indian buffet located in city center.
  • Served an average of 100 customers at lunch and an average of 200 patrons in the evening.
  • Oversaw all other members of the kitchen staff, including all employees involved with food preparation as well as the dish staff.
  • Assisted general manager in hiring, retention and termination issue.


2009 California Culinary Institute, City, State Certificate, Culinary Arts