Bakery Clerk Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Your resume is where you list what you have done, but the cover letter is where you show who you are. Instead of restating your skills as a bakery clerk, convince the reader that you fit the culture of his or her shop. If that sounds overwhelming, peruse this free bakery clerk cover letter sample to boost your confidence. Read the tips that go along with the sample to gain a fuller understanding.

Dear Mrs. Milligan,

Your bakery needs a clerk with passion for food and even greater passion for customer service. I bring both of these to the table with my experiences and achievements. I would be thrilled to bring my personality and knowledge to your counter.

My resume offers a clearer picture of my qualifications, but I would like to point out my three years of experience working as a clerk for a small business that sold free-range chicken. My time with that employer taught me the finer points of the food industry and customer relations.

Your job description describes the cash-handling aspect of the position, and I feel confident that I fit the bill here. I have been employed in three retail positions, and I have ample experience with a register. I pride myself on excellent “on-the-money” records at previous jobs.

I believe that my commitment to customer satisfaction will be a positive addition to your shop, and I want to thank you for giving my application your time. I hope to meet and discuss the position further in an interview.

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What to Include in a Bakery Clerk Cover Letter

As shown in the free bakery clerk cover letter sample, letters should be long enough to give the reader a sense of your personality and enthusiasm for the job, but not so long that he or she loses interest. Do not restate your resume, but point out highlights and elaborate on how your experiences will contribute positively to the bakery. A goal of a cover letter is to convince a potential employer that he or she will benefit from having you on their payroll. Pique the reader’s interest in your introduction, leave a clear picture of your gratitude in your closing, and include details in the body paragraph that make you sound energetic and ready to work.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

These are examples of skills to mention if you feel they accurately describe you, as shown in the free bakery clerk cover letter sample.

● Customer service: The ability to be a cheerful face for the bakery is essential.
● Communication: You must be able to understand your customers’ orders and relay them to the bakers.
● Stamina: This job may involve long hours on your feet, so you should be able to handle the physical requirements.
● Cash handling: You should be competent when it comes to making change and working a cash register.