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Banquet Server Cover Letter Example + Tips

If this will be your first time applying for new jobs in a while, then it can be extremely beneficial to give this free banquet server cover letter sample a look through. Many people think the cover letter just needs to have the same information as the resume, and that is a big mistake you do not want to make. Your cover letter should supplement your application with extra information the hiring manager would not learn elsewhere. Take the time to really ensure you are sending in something great.

Dear Ms. Payton,

With a strong familiarity catering more formal events, I believe I am an ideal candidate for the open position at Lakeview Golf & Country Club.

I understand that catering is never a one-man job. It truly is a team effort, which is why at my last job I always took the extra step to ensure everyone was working together well. This involved making sure we were always staffed. On several occasions, someone would call in sick at the last minute, and I took it upon myself to call everyone else at the company to see if people were available to fill in. In every instance, someone was able to save the day.

Additionally, working at such an environment means that the clientele expect the best and expect issues to be resolved promptly. Once we had a wedding reception that had more people than we were anticipating. Before people started coming for the food, we quickly scrambled to get more entrees made, so no one had to be left out. We worked until the very last minute, but no one went hungry.

Thank you for considering me for the banquet server position. I am willing to discuss my background in greater detail at a later date if you would like.

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What to Include in a Banquet Server Cover Letter

You want your opening paragraph to be short, succinct, and to the point much like the free banquet server cover letter sample does. You want to maintain a consistently professional tone throughout the letter, avoiding humor. You do not want to focus on how you stand to benefit by getting the job because the focus should be on how the company can benefit. Do not make the letter a list of past jobs so that it looks like a resume. Always send in a cover letter even if it is not asked for, and make sure you address it to a specific person instead of just “Sir or Madam.”

Industry Specific Skills to Include

In addition to what was presented in the free banquet server cover letter sample, you should also include relevant skills.

● Physical stamina: Whether you are bussing dishes or cleaning, you will be on your feet most of the shift.
● Customer service: You need to provide a warm, friendly atmosphere to your clientele.
● Communication: When customers have requests, you must relay them to the proper sources correctly.
● Team focus: You will need to work well with the other servers.


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