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Caretaker Cover Letter Example + Tips

When a hiring manager needs to hire a new caretaker, he or she needs to be 100 percent certain the person being hired is perfect for the job. This requires you to convey all relevant information about yourself in both your resume and cover letter. To learn how to format this letter correctly, review this free caretaker cover letter sample, and make sure you pay attention to the useful tips given later on.

Dear Ms. Orwell,

Upon seeing your open position for a new caretaker, I knew I had to apply. I aim to help people in any way I can, so this is a wonderful opportunity for me to put my skills and passion to work.

In addition to helping the people I look after with any medical needs they have, I also focus on taking care of extra responsibilities that might get overlooked. In my past jobs, I have cleaned houses and even prepared meals for my patients. I have learned quite a few recipes over the years, and my past clients have offered amazing praise for the attention to detail I possess.

However, I believe being a great caretaker involves more than simply taking care of chores. I also believe in offering companionship to the people I see. Being someone to talk to can be a real asset to these people, especially those who live on their own. Even something as simple as playing a board game with someone can be enough to brighten their day.

My philosophy is to be more than just a caretaker. I believe in being a friend. If you would like to talk about anything further, please contact me. Thank you for your consideration for this position.

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What to Include in a Caretaker Cover Letter

Hiring managers read through a ton of cover letters, so you want to be certain your document follows the lead of this free caretaker cover letter sample and avoids clichés. Do not make the letter all about you and do not explicitly state how you are perfect for the job. Leave out buzzwords that do not really mean anything such as “original thinker,” “change-driver,” or “go-getter.” Your letter needs to be addressed to someone specific, and you do not want to say how you have references available upon request.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

You might have a lot of skills you possess, but you only want to mention ones in your cover letter that are relevant to the industry you want to be in. The free caretaker cover letter sample above can be augmented with some extra details.

● Detail-focused: You should always have an eye out for what can be done next.
● Empathy: Caretakers need to treat everyone with kindness and respect.
● Communication: If something will be changing, that information needs to be conveyed to the person right away.
● Discretion: Your clients might want to maintain secrecy, so you should not talk to others about the finer details of your work.


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