Nursing Assistant Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Far too many job applicants underestimate the importance of a well-written cover letter, but it is actually the face of your resume, providing a professional, engaging introduction that persuades the hiring manager to move on to your resume. Your letter should be brief and direct but should also summarize your transferrable skill set and identify potential value right up front. As a nursing assistant, this means explaining your areas of expertise and confirming any certifications you hold. Keep in mind, however, that this is not simply a repeat of your resume. Read through the following free nursing assistant cover letter sample to get an idea of what information to include.

Dear Mr. Deland,

I am excited to be applying for the nursing assistant position at your Naperville location, and believe I would be a great asset to your residential care team.

I have two years of med surge hospital experience and five years of experience working with the geriatric population in long-term assisted living.

I believe that a successful CNA must be compassionate, personable, and adaptable to change. I have worked with a variety of patient types during all hours of the day. Furthermore, maintaining a healthy lifestyle has helped me avoid injury and physical limitations while on the job. I have trained dozens of assistants on the proper technique for lifting, turning, dressing, and transportation.

As a fully licensed nursing assistant in the state of Illinois, I love working with the elderly. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your facility and the position in person. Thank you for your consideration.

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What to Include in a Nursing Assistant Cover Letter

Many jobs require candidates to have a CNA license, so be sure to mention your certification status in your cover letter as we did in this free nursing assistant cover letter sample. Above all, you must tailor your pitch to the specific facility you are applying to. Same-day surgery and assisted living are two very different environments. While assistants at both locations may perform some of the same functions, it is important to express your knowledge of and interest in the patient population you would be working with.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Here are a few general skills that nurses and managers look for in potential nursing assistants. Try to weave some of these into your letter along with the ideas presented above in the free nursing assistant cover letter sample.

● Compassion: This is a must-have if you want to be successful with any type of patient.
● Patience: Some patients are difficult, but they still require the same daily care routine.
● Stamina: In general, nurse assisting is not office work. The job requires lifting, moving, and standing for long periods of time.
● People skills: When you are assisting people with their personal hygiene and care, you are putting them in a vulnerable emotional state. You must know how to positively communicate with patients as well as with your fellow staff.