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nursing aide and assistant cover letter example

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What It’s Like to Work as a Nursing Aid and Assistant

Nursing Aid and Assistants often do much of the heavy lifting, literally, that is required in caring for patients that need assistance in getting to the bathroom, getting dressed or with their daily hygiene. They help patients get in and out of bed without injury, and physical strength if often a requirement for the job. A Nursing Aid and Assistant is a vital part of the health care team. They perform tasks that support the well-being of the patient, thereby allowing supervising nurses to provide more advanced medical care.

Benefits of Working as a Nursing Aid and Assistant

Most people that work in health care do so because they want to help people, and there is great satisfaction is working as a Nursing Aid and Assistant by helping not only patients that need your help, but by helping the professionals you support. They often have interaction with families and assure them their loved one is receiving quality care, and they report any changes in condition to the nursing staff. In addition, they get a first-hand look at the responsibilities of LPNs and RNs if they’re considering continuing education to advance in the health care field.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

A well crafted cover letter is your introduction to a prospective employer and you need to make them want to meet you. The goal of a cover letter and resume is, after all, to get an interview. As you list your accomplishments, make sure they reflect the potential employer’s requirements. Don’t simply repeat what’s already on your resume, but expand on your success stories. If you’re continuing your education, make sure you state clearly what your goal is and that it’s in line with the company’s stated objectives.