Intensive Care Nurse Cover Letter Example & Templates

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intensive care nurse resume example

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What It’s Like to Work as an Intensive Care Nurse

The intensive care nurse operates under high stress conditions. In any intensive care nurse cover letter, you want to make it clear that not only are you experienced, but you have the temperament for working under the most chaotic circumstances. The intensive care nurse is an arena where the patients are in some state of critical condition. This could be a disease or illness, or the result of an accident. The intensive care nurse is going to be dealing with patients and families when they are frightened and unsure. The intensive care nurse cover letter will clearly state candidates are familiar and comfortable with these situations. Not only monitoring the patient, but working with doctors drafting treatment plans, administering meds, writing progress reports and advising both patient and family.

Benefits of Working in the Intensive Care Nurse Field

As this is a taxing occupation, the intensive care nurse cover letter has to exude confidence that you can handle it. As with any position in healthcare, you are going to have to be organized and detail oriented and prepared to deal with the worse at the most unexpected moments. This is a field that requires complete selflessness. This is true of nursing in general, which is one of the most popular professions in the world. But the benefit to contributing to patient care cannot be measured. You are helping people get better at best or helping them cope with their situations.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

The intensive care nurse cover letter and resume are the first steps to letting hospital hiring managers know you have the skill to care for critical patients. While the resume will detail experience and education, the cover letter has to be an introduction to your compassion and empathy for those that need highly trained medical attention.