Nearly all industries require job candidates to prepare a clear and concise CV that details their work history, education, and skills to future employers. In the marketing, advertising, and public relations field, the quality of your CV is even more important. In this business, it’s all about showing how you can sell things and feature the benefits of products or services, so your CV needs to prove to hiring managers that you can provide benefits as well. Check out the campaign manager CV example below for more details.


Sean Walker

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Confident and skilled campaign manager with more than 13 years of successful experience in online advertising. Expertise in the principles of marketing, advertising, search engine optimization, consumer demographic research, and keyword utilization. Solid leadership ability and demonstrated results when working on a team. Extensive knowledge of marketing budgets, online expenditures, advertising planning, and other types of promotional spending. Capable of incorporating marketing research studies to help better position advertising campaign materials.

  • Highly capable of operating advertising and desktop publishing software, such as InDesign, Quark, Publisher, Illustrator, Photoshop, and PageMaker.
  • Expert knowledge of search engine optimization, keyword placement, online advertisement layout design, and user browsing habits.
  • Excellent negotiating skills when looking to get great prices from online services for new internet marketing campaigns.
  • Committed to being a great leader when heading a marketing team for a new online promotional campaign.
  • Solid communication skills when corresponding via email to colleagues or delivering presentations about advertising plans.
Work Experience
Campaign Manager
April 2015 – present



  • Lead the marketing team in designing and implementing online advertisements for products and services offered by the company.
  • Collaborate with other staff members in product development, budget, purchasing, and management to determine the advertisement’s message and goal.
  • Use sound online advertising placement strategies to select best spots for ad locations, resulting in a 40 percent increase in name recognition.

Campaign Manager
June 2007 – April 2015



  • Reviewed all advertisement copy, design layouts, and ideas for the promotions team before campaigns went live online.
  • Determined where advertisement dollars should be spent for online ad placement campaigns by using budgetary forecast data and financial history details.
  • Recognized with a top viral video online advertisement campaign with an award for best marketing team at industry awards.

Campaign Manager
February 2004 – June 2007




  • Created engaging online advertisements that were 60 percent more likely to be clicked on by computer users.
  • Analyzed online consumer habits data, product specification information, and seasonal trends to help plan and implement a successful online advertising campaign for a new product.
  • Negotiated special rates for ad space on a popular network of websites and saved the company more than $30,000.


Internship in Advertising


The Baltimore Sun
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Advertising and Promotions


University of Delaware
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I am a member of the local area’s chamber of commerce digital services division. This volunteer group aims to help promote low-cost internet services to community members to help increase the number of families with access to the internet. I work to procure free services from internet providers to low-income areas and help hold workshops about digital literacy around the region.



Online Campaign Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Campaign Manager Do?

Typical duties for a campaign manager consist of many different tasks related to advertising, promotions, and marketing. The campaign manager CV example focuses on many of these responsibilities. Campaign managers, most of all, focus on planning promotions and advertising for the company they work for. This may include helping develop a specific message, look, design style, and the copy for an advertisement or promotional campaign. They usually work as a part of a team to achieve these goals. Campaign managers also work with advertising budgets in order to achieve company objectives. Additionally, they must use market research about potential customers in order to develop the most effective campaigns to reach as many people as possible. Ultimately, they aim to spread awareness about a product or brand and increase profitability for a company.

Tips for Creating a Great Campaign Manager CV

Developing a strong CV requires jobseekers to master this specific type of writing and the skill of promoting their own qualities. Here are some ways you can achieve this and get more possible job interviews:

  • Focus on providing details about your most valuable talents and industry competencies in your professional summary.
  • Give evidence in your work history section of how you accomplished different duties that are part of the job description posting you are applying to.
  • Prove to hiring managers that you’re able to market products and services by selling yourself and your skills to them.
  •  Use specific quantities or percentages as you market yourself throughout your entire CV to demonstrate to hiring managers how you’ve been successful in the past.
  • Make a bulleted list of each valuable skill that you bring to the table for the marketing and advertising role you are seeking.

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