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Linda Morgan

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Highly motivated professional with a thorough understanding of marketing principles. Designed and implemented company-wide pricing strategies. Expert at gathering and analyzing relevant data for developing effective pricing approaches. Increased sales numbers by coming up with optimal strategies. Analyzed market trends, competing pricing structures, consumer data, and industry standards. Launched and managed promotional campaign that resulted in expansion of customer base.

  • Highly proficient in mathematical analysis
  • Thorough researcher with a track record of effective and accurate analysis
  • Proven record of accurate assessment of market conditions and their relevance to consumer behavior
  • Effective communicator
  • Motivated team player who works well in coordinating with other departments
  • Accomplished strategist who excels at designing and implementing projects from start to finish
Work Experience
Senior Pricing Analyst
August 2015 – Present



  • Gather and analyze information on market trends and industry competitors.
  • Identify and analyze factors that influence consumers’ capacity and willingness to purchase, including economic conditions, market trends, pricing and availability of similar products, and more.
  • Perform mathematical analysis on quantifiable factors.
  • Coordinate with other departments to plan and implement promotions, new products, and updates.
  • Prepare market forecast reports focused on conditions that are likely to affect pricing and sales of products.
  • Work with marketing department to design customer surveys and other methods of gathering information on consumer habits and needs.
  • Identify and solve problems with current pricing schemes.
  • Recommend changes and updates to company executives.

Pricing Analyst
October 2010 – July 2015



  • Researched competing brands and their marketing approach, customer base, and pricing strategy.
  • Researched market conditions and identified trends likely to affect customers’ spending habits.
  • Developed customer questionnaire to identify needs and define existing customer base.
  • Worked with sales team on promotional campaigns and marketing approaches.
  • Worked with production department to identify costs and ensure maximally effective pricing.
  • Monitored market conditions and customer habits.
  • Adapted pricing schemes to reflect market and economic changes.

Pricing Analyst
April 2008 – July 2010




  • Studied and analyzed consumer polls, customer questionnaires, and sales data to identify customer responses to existing pricing schemes.
  • Identified factors most likely to affect customers’ willingness to spend.
  • Recommended changes in pricing approach based on available consumer and market data.
  • Collected, organized, and maintained financial data.
  • Researched competing marketing and pricing techniques.


Certificate in Marketing


State University
City, State
Bachelor in Business Administration


State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy reading, especially 19th century novels. Fluent in Spanish; currently learning Mandarin. Long-time volunteer football coach at neighborhood youth center.



Pricing Analyst Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Pricing Analyst Do?

A pricing analyst ensures that a company’s pricing structure is maximally effective in terms of getting the highest sales numbers while creating an optimal return for production and promotion costs. To perform well in this position, you need to possess a high degree of technical proficiency. This means excelling in mathematical analysis and understanding the principles of marketing. Analysts do a lot of research, from company sales data to world-wide market conditions. Your pricing analyst CV should highlight your technical skills while also emphasizing your ability to work well with others, as this position entails a high degree of inter-departmental coordination. Our pricing analyst CV example offers you a good template for listing and showcasing relevant skills. Applying its principles to your own qualifications will help you build the eye-catching CV you need to land the job you want.

Tips for Creating a Great Pricing Analyst CV

The following tips offer great advice on integrating the ideas from our CV example into your own pricing analyst CV using our CV maker:

  • Start out with a strong Personal Summary section. This is the first area prospective employers pay attention to, so you want to put your most impressive accomplishments first.
  • Pay attention to formatting, especially if you will need to convert your document to a different file format, such as PDF, when submitting your job application. Make sure that spacing, alignment, and bulleting present a clear-cut and neat appearance.
  • Read the job description carefully and tailor your CV to its requirements, highlighting the skills prioritized in the description.
  • Avoid overly colloquial or controversial language and materials. While your CV should include some personal information about your hobbies and interests, you may want to leave out political and religious activities.
  • Show, don’t tell: specific accomplishments are the best illustration of your qualifications. Always measure your achievements in terms of the resulting benefits for your company, such as increased sales or improved customer satisfaction.

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