Working in a critical care area of a hospital takes patience, guts, and determination. It also requires a strong CV that demonstrates your commitment to this line of work and your ability to provide excellent care to the youngest of patients. Hiring managers in hospitals can’t afford to take their chances on someone who doesn’t master the CV writing process. Show employers that you’re capable and knowledgeable in this field by using the neonatal nurse CV example and tips below.


Alice Wimberly

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled and professional medical provider with 12 years of experience as a neonatal nurse. Strong commitment to providing appropriate care to full-term and premature newborn babies. Excellent instincts and proven history of positive outcomes with neonatal patients. Caring and compassionate individual with an ability to provide comfort to parents during difficult times of their baby’s treatment. Experience treating fragile newborns and working together with doctors and other staff members for the best treatment solutions.

  • Skilled at operating, setting up, and monitoring medical equipment for use in the NICU, such as ventilators, pacemakers, cardiac monitors, ultrasound equipment, and more.
  • Expert knowledge of neonatal anatomy and other health concerns of premature babies, giving me the right tools to help patients progress.
  • Ability to stay calm in emergency situations and make sound decisions even when a patient is in a life-threatening situation.
  • Dedicated to providing compassion to parents and patients, and helping them feel more comfortable during their time in the NICU.
  • Excellent ability to work in a team environment, which is a necessity in any type of medical provider setting.
Work Experience
Neonatal Nurse
April 2014 – present



  • Care for critically ill, newborn infants by monitoring vital signs, keeping them warm, and delivering medication when necessary.
  • Record testing data and lab results on the patient’s chart along with other information based on observations during hospital care.
  • Partner with other healthcare providers to develop appropriate treatment plans for newborn infants who were born prematurely, resulting in a 99 percent positive outcome rate.

Neonatal Nurse
May 2008 – April 2014



  • Monitored each patient’s nutritional levels by reviewing the number of ounces of formula or breastmilk taken in, and measuring fluid output.
  • Advised parents about appropriate procedures when visiting newborns in the NICU, such as proper handwashing techniques, protective wear, and ways to hold the infant.
  • Received a parent’s choice award for top neonatal nurse during employment based on compassionate and dedicated care.

Neonatal Nurse
July 2005 – May 2008




  • Operated and set up machines to help monitor neonatal patient vital signs, such as ventilators, cardiac monitors, pressure lines, and more.
  • Assessed patient’s oxygen levels over a period of time to determine breathing and lung maturation.
  • Discovered a rare potential genetic problem with a neonatal patient, which led to the right diagnosis and a vast improvement in her condition.


Master of Science in Nursing


University of Georgia
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


University of Georgia
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

My passion outside of nursing is hiking. On my days off, I spend hours hiking the trails in the many different forests around Atlanta. I have also hiked several mountain trails in the past and plan to take a trip to hike the Rocky Mountains in the near future. I organize group trips with a local mountain hiking club, and we often do day or overnight trips in the area.



Neonatal Nurse Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Neonatal Nurse Do?

In the neonatal nurse CV example, there are details about what this position requires each day. A neonatal nurse works in the NICU center of a hospital, which houses newborn patients who are critically ill. In many cases, the patients are premature, so neonatal nurses must spend each day monitoring and caring for these patients. Each hour, their patients’ conditions may change, so neonatal nurses must carefully review all of the data from machines and other sources, such as lab results. These nurses may administer medication or other treatment, or they may assist doctors in surgical procedures. They are also responsible for working with the family to help parents understand the condition of the baby and promote bonding and appropriate feeding and holding.

Tips for Creating a Great Neonatal Nurse CV

To get invited to an interview with a top hospital’s NICU department, you must master your CV using our CV maker. Here are some ways to make it stand out more:

  • Keep your CV as professional as possible by eliminating any unnecessary text about your religion or political beliefs.
  • Arrange your details from your work history by date, and start with your most recent experiences and work your way backwards.
  •  Give information about what kind of medical machinery you’re experienced with to demonstrate your suitability for the NICU.
  •  Explain how you also have a great bedside manner and can help new parents come to terms with their child’s condition in the NICU.
  • Include details about your knowledge of nursing and providing great healthcare to patients, especially those who are in critical condition.

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