The journey towards the right job begins with creating an excellent CV that showcases your abilities and lets prospective employers know why hiring you would be great for their company. If that sounds like a daunting task, it does not have to be. To help you out, we have prepared a driving instructor CV example that demonstrates some essential CV-writing techniques. The added writing tips contain some general advice that will guide you in creating a CV of your own. These resources will help you understand why some information belongs on your CV and other information does not.


George Bell

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced, officially certified driving instructor. Excellent driver with great safety record. Encyclopedic knowledge of traffic rules. Deeply familiar with local testing requirements. One of the highest first-time pass rates in the area. Friendly, courteous professional who excels at establishing rapport with diverse people from many different walks of life. Present information in an interesting, concise manner that enables retention. Organized and punctual; keep relevant paperwork in good order. Familiar with auto-mechanics and able to identify problems with the vehicle. Careful about ensuring safety of students at all times.

  • Experienced, skillful, and safe driver
  • Thorough knowledge of traffic rules
  • Excellent communicator and instructor
  • Great at conveying ideas and facts
  • Adept at working with people of all backgrounds, personalities, and skill levels
  • Patient and dedicated to helping students perfect their skills
  • Always friendly and professional
Work Experience
Driving Instructor
September 2014 – Present


  • Provide one-on-one practical driving lessons for students working to get a driver’s license.
  • Teach refresher or specialized driving lessons.
  • Provide individual and group instruction regarding traffic rules and safety procedures.
  • Use dual controls to ensure safe operation of the vehicle at all times.
  • Help students acquire and improve driving skills.
  • Ensure students are proficient in skills necessary to pass the driving test.
  • Develop individual approach to each student in order to deliver optimally effective instruction.
  • Identify factors that prevent a particular student from mastering a skill and work to help the student overcome them.
  • Keep records of lessons.

Driving Instructor
April 2010 – September 2014


  • Prepared students to pass the driving test.
  • Used classroom and practical instruction to impart driving skills.
  • Inspected and maintained vehicle to ensure proper function and condition.
  • Explained traffic rules, parking regulations, and road signs.
  • Provided tips for safe and effective driving and parking techniques.

Driving Instructor
June 2007 – March 2010



  • Instructed groups and individuals in a classroom setting.
  • Provided safety and basic traffic classes as required by state law.
  • Instructed students in one-on-one practical driving lessons.
  • Helped students acquire the skills to become proficient drivers.
  • Prepared students to take the driving test.


Driving Instructor Certification


Reville Community College
City, State
Associate in Automobile Mechanics


Reville Community College
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Like to play tennis or read an interesting book. Volunteer for neighborhood food bank by coordinating donation collections.


Driving Instructor Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Driving Instructor Do?

A driving instructor gives driving lessons to groups of people or to individuals. You can expect to deliver classroom instruction on basic safety and traffic rules; this type of class is required in most states. You may also work with students-on-one to give them practical lessons in learning how to drive. Most of them will be drivers with no experience trying to get the skills they need to pass their license test. You may work with a lot of nervous people. As an instructor, you will need to be patient and constructive when students make mistakes. Some students may have difficulties in a particular area, and you will need to find the right approach to help them master all the skills they need. As shown on our driving instructor CV example, you should emphasize both your driving skills and your ability to work well with people.

Tips for Creating a Great Driving Instructor CV

Having seen our CV example, you are almost ready to get started on your own. Before you do, check out the following tips:

  • Proofread your CV several times before submitting it. Keep an especially sharp eye out for mistakes your spellchecker may miss, such as using the wrong word.
  • Examine your CV from the point of view of a harried employer. Is it easy to read? Can you quickly get an overview of your qualifications? Does your Personal Summary present you as a strong candidate? Make sure you can give a positive answer to all these questions.
  • Prioritize including experiences relevant to the job you seek. If you are just starting out or changing careers, do include employment in other fields. In this case, your descriptions of your skills and responsibilities should emphasize the ways in which they make you a better driving instructor. For example, teaching other subjects or training people in the use of equipment can be a good preparation for teaching people how to drive.

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