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A perfectly written resume education section shows potential employers your academic credentials and the value it could bring to their company. In this article, we’ll help you learn how to write about your educational achievements, certifications, and awards to impress hiring managers.


Top 10 Resume Education Section Writing Tips

The writing in your resume education section is short but impactful. Usually found at the end of the resume, hiring managers look to this section for degrees and certifications relevant to the position. My Perfect Resume’s employer-tested examples show you how to write your education section and present this information to set you apart from other applicants.

  • Format is key

    The reverse chronological format is the best choice for most education sections. Start with your recent academic achievement. College students pursuing a degree should write “anticipated completion date.”

  • Include keywords

    Write about your academic credentials using specific keywords listed in the job description. Hiring managers and applicant tracking system software will discard resumes that lack them.

  • Avoid aging yourself

    Your writing shouldn’t immediately show your age. Just include the type of degree and university. Your GPA is not relevant. If you’ve attended several schools, focus on education that is pertinent to the job.

  • Include your honors

    Write about earned honors, such as summa cum laude, or leadership roles. Many recruiters value this type of experience over the specifics of your degree. This is important for recent college graduates and high students with little work experience.

  • Pay attention to required credentials

    Include required credentials in writing of your resume education section. Many industries, such as finance, healthcare, social work, and IT, require specific education and certifications.

  • Industry dictates section placement

    If you seek employment in education, science, or law, place your resume education section near the top of the page. Remember to begin with your highest degree attained.

  • Advanced degrees require more information.

    When writing about a doctoral degree, include the name of your academic advisor, dissertation subject, and the date it was published that name of the scholarly journal.

  • No degree, mention training

    If you don’t have a degree, write about your continued learning, special training or certifications. For example, if you’ve completed an apprenticeship relevant to the job title, place this information in your resume education section.

  • Never embellish

    Never embellish the writing in your resume education section. A hiring manager may verify your credentials, so be honest about colleges attended, academic achievements, training, and certifications.

  • No flippant writing

    Skip the cutesy, flippant writing workarounds, such as “recent graduate from the school of life.” If you don’t have formal schooling to include, beef up your skills and work history section.

How Your Education Section Fits in the 3 Resume Formats

There are three resume format options when it comes to writing your education section: chronological, functional, and hybrid. You should consider the resumes types your industry prefers and the types of education accomplishments you will include before deciding which format best suits writing about your academic achievements. Check out our employer-tested resume templates to find one that suits writing about your education.

The chronological format is the most common resume layout. You’ll find the education section near the end (unless your industry suggests otherwise). If you have a long work history, this is the format for you.

A functional format organizes information by your skills and significant accomplishments. In this format, the resume education section may appear before your work history. This format works well if you are an entry-level applicant or if you are changing industries.

The hybrid resume format is a combination of the chronological and functional formats. The education section typically appears at the end in the hybrid resume format. The hybrid format offers an equal focus on work experience and skill level and works well for professionals making career changes. The education section typically appears at the end with this format.

Perfect Resume Education Section Examples

Birthday Party Host

American Falls High School, 2019 Associated Student Body Rallies Commissioner

Payroll Specialist

Bachelor of Science, Accounting Brigham Young University Provo, Utah Treasurer, Investment Club


Juris Doctor, Harvard School of Law Boston, Massachusetts VP, Association for Law and Business University of Utah Salt Lake City, Utah Ranked #3 in class Received American Jurisprudence Awards Licensure: Utah State Bar, 2010 – current

Resume Education Sections for You

ATS Help for Your Resume Education Section

Recruiters use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to rank resumes for desired keywords and phrases included in the job description. To pass this system, you must include in your resume the keywords, skills, education, and certifications in the job description. You must also use an ATS favored format.

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My Perfect Resume Helps You Perfect Your Education Section

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