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Hiring managers want specific skills for posted positions, so the writing in your resume skills section should be an exact match. My Perfect Resume can help you get the right words in your skills section. Our easy to use resume builder has pre-written skills examples crafted by industry experts. Try our resume summary examples below for writing inspiration to help you craft a professional skills section.


Top 10 Resume Skills Section Writing Tips

  • Use the job description

    It’s important to use the job description to understand which hard skills, soft skills, and technical skills employers value. Write your skills section with the exact wording and right skills from the posting.

  • Be concise

    Your resume skills section writing must be concise. Use bullet points so the employer can easily scan your hard skills and soft skills. List between six and eight capabilities.

  • List relevant skills

    List the most relevant hard skills, technical skills, and soft skills. If there are skills you feel merit a mention, consider using them in the writing of your work history section.

  • Include hard skills or technical skills

    Write about your relevant hard skills or technical skills. Depending on the industry and job posting, such skills could include computer programming, data analysis, project management, and website architecture.

  • Include soft skills

    If relevant to the job, write about a few of your soft skills. Consider the industry and job description, and include skills such as communication, time management, conflict resolution, and adaptability.

  • Consider transferable skills

    Use the skills section to write about transferable skills that demonstrate you can do the job. This is important for jobseekers making a career change and if you lack some of the talents listed in the job description.

  • Theme your skills

    In writing your resume skill section, bucket your hard and soft skills by theme to match abilities the employer wants for the position. This will help you avoid duplication and point out skill gaps.

  • Select skills that tie to results

    In writing your skills section look for those skills that can be tied back to results. Review your professional summary statement and work history to align them with your hard and soft skills.

  • Reflect expertise

    The skills section of a resume is more than a list — it should reflect your expertise. It should complement the writing of your work history and professional summary statement sections.

  • Be honest

    Be honest and do not list hard skills, technical skills, and soft skills you have not mastered. Hiring managers will seek more details about your skills during the interview process.

How Your Skills Section Fits the 3 Resume Formats

There are three resume formats —chronological, functional and hybrid — and each shows the skills section differently. Consider the resume types your industry prefers before deciding on a format. Check out our employer-tested resume templates to find one that best suits the writing of your skills section.


The chronological format is a good choice for job seekers who have years of experience because it lists work history in reverse order (in other words, it starts with your most recent job and works backward). The focus is on your professional job experience. The skills section of a resume of this type typically goes after the work history section.


The functional format is good for those with gaps in work experience or a short job history. The focus is on relevant and transferable skills as opposed to professional work experience. The skills section is at the top, right after the summary.


The hybrid format — a combination of chronological and functional formats — is good for recent graduates and for professionals who are changing careers. It focuses on both work experience and skills. The skills section typically goes right before the work experience section.

Perfect Resume Skills Section Examples

Delivery driver

  • Excellent customer service
  • Great time management
  • Able to work well with team members
  • Strong sales ability
  • Able to keep calm when busy
  • Flawless driving record

Media planner

  • Great communication
  • Superior organizational skills
  • Excellent at problem-solving
  • Proficient in a variety of software tools
  • Able to work in teamwork environment
  • Able to multitask

Physical therapist

  • Observational skills
  • Licensed to practice in gym and hospital environments
  • Detail-oriented
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Able to adapt
  • Great time management

Resume Skills Sections for You

ATS Help for Your Resume Skills Section

You captured your skills but now you have to pass one more test: the applicant tracking system (ATS). An ATS scans resumes for the skills recruiters include in the job description. Many companies use ATS software to automatically reject applicants that don’t match the keywords employers want. My Perfect Resume has tools to help make your skills section writing keyword rich. Our builder assists you with pre-written examples crafted by career experts to improve your chances of passing an ATS review.

My Perfect Resume Helps You Perfect Your Skills Section

You can write the perfect skills section with My Perfect Resume Builder’s tools and guidance. You’ve skillfully built your career, now let our resume builder do the work of writing your skills statement section with:

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Let My Perfect Resume help you close the deal on your next job. Use our resume builder to write a professional resume skills section that will give you an edge over the competition.