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You only have moments to make a positive impression with a job recruiter. Writing a stellar CV can help you stay on the top of the candidate list. You can find smart ideas to fine tune your CV by following the format and guidelines of this French teacher CV example. With this example, you can determine what information you should include, especially when it comes to your work history, education, and interests. When you take the time to highlight your skills and experience for your potential employer, you may move through the tricky first step of consideration for employment.
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Effie White

4554 Lafayette Circle, Townville, Nevada 11111

E: P: 555-909-1100

Professional Summary

Enthusiastic French teacher interested in a long-term position in international baccalaureate or language-immersion high school educational setting. Ten years of experience in both private and public school settings instructing French language and culture at middle and high school levels. Advised French honor society and maintained records for student graduation recognition. Arranged and chaperoned annual school trip to Paris for five years. Tracked student progress and communicated with parents.

    – Fluent in French – Adept with district technology applications and online software, including Moodle and Google classroom – Able to coordinate the needs and assessments of over 120 students under my instruction – Exceptional problem-solving and critical thinking skills – Public speaking proficiency – Comfortable working with teenagers, parents, and administers to advocate for student enrichment and education
Work Experience
Foreign Language Department Head
August 2012-present

  • Oversee department of nine teachers instructing three languages.
  • Serve on school departmental task force for student development and enrichment.
  • Organize and coordinate travel arrangements for student group of 20-30 for annual educational and experiential learning trip to Paris and other nearby regions.
  • Maintain full load of French language classes with a concentration of honors and advanced instruction.
  • Develop syllabus in accordance to curriculum standards as determined by state and district education agencies.
  • Act as advisor to student-led French honor society, including scheduling meetings and maintaining criteria for acceptance and ongoing membership.

French Teacher
August 2009-June 2012

  • Instructed students in French grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

  • Created and administered examinations, assignments, and projects according to curriculum assessment standards.

  • Improved academic performance of college-bound students by 19 percent through interactive dialogue plans.

  • Provided after-hours tutoring for students to increase proficiency in spoken and written French.

  • Scheduled in-house field trips to focus on cultural aspects of language study.

French Teacher
August 2007-June 2009

  • Wrote lesson plans for assignments, classwork, examinations, and oral dictations to increase student understanding of French language, history, and culture.
  • Worked with school officials on disciplinary measures to eliminate poor attendance and behavioral issues.
  • Engaged students through creative materials, in-class demonstrations, and other means to increase retention and understanding.
  • Maintained continuing credit requirements through online language conferences.

Master of Arts in French Language Education

Capital State University
Capital Utah
Bachelor of Arts in French Education

Edification College
Nearville Nevada
Hobbies and Interests

I am involved in a foreign exchange student program and host a French-speaking teenager from Africa or Europe twice a year. I am also passionate about gourmet cooking and am a member of a supper club. I travel abroad as often as my budget and career allow.

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French Teacher CV Must Haves

What Does a French Teacher Do?

In education, teachers work tirelessly to instruct students to prepare them for further education and entry into a career and adulthood. French teachers need to be able to convey material in two languages to encourage student participation as they work towards fluency. Teachers may also work on an individual basis with students who need extra assistance or may have individualized learning plans to help them be successful. French teachers address different teaching modules through lecture, independent study, project assignment, written work, and oral and standardized exam assessments. You can see some of the skills you should highlight to draw attention to your competency based on this French teacher CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great French Teacher CV

You have a good idea of how to improve your CV for your job search. You may want to remember these tips as well:

– Keep your format simple and easy to read without sounding wordy. Concise writing is valued by recruiters who may have to read hundreds of applications.
– Watch your format for consistency and grammatical errors. You may want to ask a trusted friend to look over your CV as well, because a second set of eyes may catch mistakes you missed when editing.
– Focus on creating an engaging profile of your experience and skills while still maintaining a professional document. Bring your teaching creativity to your CV so the interviewer can get a sense of your classroom style.
– Use action verbs in your work experience section and avoid passive sentence structure to stand out as confident and knowledgeable.


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