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If your goal is to continue on in your graduate studies to the doctorate level, then working as a teaching assistant can help support that ambition. As a student, you might not have enough experience to build a traditional resume. That’s why so many in your position have instead relied upon a curriculum vitae to convey their skills. The student CV example that’s included here will help show you how to structure your information so you can appeal to those looking to fill teaching assistant positions. The accompanying writing guidelines offer further insight into creating an effective CV.

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Darren Daniels

321 Home Road, Wichita, Kansas 11111

E: ddaniels12@wsu P: 555.987.6543

Professional Summary

Recently enrolled student in post-graduate program looking for teaching assistant position. Currently seeking doctoral degree in meteorology. Have served as a teaching assistant on two previous occasions while obtaining Master’s degree. Extensive experience in working with both university faculty and administrators as well as with students. Previous student employment experience includes working in student activities center and on remote production team for university’s broadcasting department. Also have 3 years of experience working as a private tutor both during undergraduate studies and in high school.

  • – Advanced understanding of the classroom environment, including projection media setup, audio equipment management, and fire and safety requirements. – Work well in academia and understand the challenges that professors face in preparing lectures, organizing course curriculum, meeting with students, and coordinating research efforts with other faculty members as well as outside experts. – Recognized as being a good communicator with students both in class and through electronic media. Proven listening skills and ability to explain scientific terms in a manner that is easy to comprehend. – Strong leadership and organizational skills.
Work Experience
Teaching Assistant
Spring 2016

Geosciences Department

  • Managed the setup and take-down of geoscience labs in preparation for lectures.
  • Served as lab aide for students during practicums.
  • Arranged transportation with local providers for off-campus activities for professors and students.

Teaching Assistant
Fall 2015

English Department

  • Took position assisting faculty of English Department based on recommendation of academic advisor to help bolster communication skills.

  • Handled administrative tasks for two professors, including typing up class syllabus, arranging testing center times, setting up group email account for student inquiries, and facilitating online discussions amongst class participants.

  • Worked with graduate students in the English Department as well as with editors from the student writing center to help evaluate reports for grammatical errors.

  • Directed lectures (based off of instructor’s notes) for 28 classes as various professors attended academic conferences during the course of the semester.

Broadcast Support Technician
March 2013 – November 2013

  • Served as member of remote broadcast support team that delivered and set up equipment for off-campus news stories for university’s broadcasting department.
  • Tasked specifically with pre-event camera setup and transmission confirmation during telecasts.
  • Maintained storage records for all remote equipment to be reconciled with department personnel.

Private Tutor
2008 – 2011

  • Advertised services as private tutor on campus and in local online news publications.
  • Worked with students needing assistance with math, geography, geology, chemistry, and college entrance exam preparation.
  • Coordinated with library employees to arrange dedicated study spaces for clients.

Post-Graduate Meteorology and Atmospheric Science Program

Wichita State University
Wichita Kansas
Master’s in Meteorological and Climatological Studies

University of Missouri
Columbia Missouri
Hobbies and Interests

Avid outdoorsman who enjoys camping and hiking. Amateur triathlete having competed in three sprint triathlons and two Olympic triathlons. Also enjoy movies and theater productions.

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Student CV Must-Haves

What Does a Student Do?

When applied in a professional context, the term “student” typically refers to one working in some form of academia as he or she pursues either a Master’s or a doctorate degree. His or her primary responsibility is to assist a professor or a department either by facilitating lectures or student discussions. A student or teaching aide will often be asked to handle administrative tasks to allow professors more time to focus on developing course curriculum. He or she may also be asked to serve as the liaison between a professor and students, scheduling office hours or arranging times for individual instruction. Students pursuing doctorate studies may even be asked to teach classes themselves. Your previous experience in handling such responsibilities should be featured prominently throughout your CV. The student CV example provided can show you how to do that in an effective manner.

How Can I Write a CV – Examples

Below are examples of key information to consider including in your CV:

  • Include any and all information that supports your academic pursuits. If your hope is to work in academia, then you must show that you’ve been able to flourish in that environment.
  • Emphasize your willingness to do the small, mundane tasks associated with teaching, as professors will often look to shift these responsibilities to someone else.
  • Don’t express any religious or political beliefs in your CV, as these may end up being at odds with those doing the hiring.
  • Keep all of your information brief and concise while still detailed enough to convey your points.

Look to the CV example offered here for guidance in creating your own, but do not make it an exact carbon copy. Personalize it to the extent that it conveys who you are both professionally and individually. Don’t stray too far from the example, however.

More Questions

What is a Curriculum Vitae Example?

A curriculum vitae example (or CV example) is a sample of a professional, proper CV. You can use a curriculum vitae example as a guide to creating your own, or you can write yours from scratch. If you create yours from scratch, make sure it includes these sections: Contact Information; Professional Summary; Skills; Work History; Education; Honors/Awards; and Publications.

What Do You Need in a CV?

You need the following sections in your CV:

  • Contact Information
  • Professional Summary
  • Skills
  • Work History
  • Education
  • Honors/Awards
  • Publications

What is the format of a CV?

The format of a CV will depend on your needs, as well as the industry that you’re aiming to secure a job in. Use a consistent font style throughout your CV, and be sure to include these sections: Contact Information; Professional Summary; Skills; Work History; education; honors/awards; and publications.