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Technical Manager CV Example


Crafting a comprehensive curriculum vitae is an essential first step of your job search since many recruiters use the CV as the primary factor in determining whether to schedule an interview. If you don’t have a CV and aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our professional technical manager CV example to get ideas for your own Professional Summary, Work History, and Skills sections. Our guide includes tips on formatting, word choice, and writing style so you can learn how to build a strong CV to market yourself and your qualifications.

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David Baker

273 Francis Street, Boulder, Colorado 11111

E: david.baker@anymail T: 555-595-8273

Professional Summary

Detail-oriented technical manager with exceptional leadership skills and talent for creative marketing. Years of experience producing television and radio programs, including coordinating between numerous staff members from production, engineering, and management departments. Excellent organizational skills and ability to manage multiple assets to reach goals in a timely and cost-effective manner. Proven history of improving production quality and work efficiency while encouraging teamwork in a positive atmosphere.

  • ?Expert producer with experience in both radio and television formats, including knowledge of dissemination techniques, broadcasting equipment, and editing programs.?Exceptional leadership skills, including clear verbal and written communications, active listening, and motivational techniques.?Proficient with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Audition, Avid Technology Media Composer, Perl, and Microsoft Office Applications.?Strong decision-making abilities, along with problem-solving and critical thinking to create solutions to meet desired outcomes.?Excellent time-management and organizational skills to work efficiently and meet deadlines.
Work Experience
Technical Manager

  • Supervise all employees in production and technical control departments, including assigning tasks, approving schedules, and ensuring compliance with timelines.
  • Monitor multiple broadcasts to verify quality and conformance with station policies and network regulations.
  • Communicate with production technicians and engineering personnel to improve coordination and efficiency during joint projects.
  • Coordinate with marketing directors to oversee promotional campaigns and improve results of marketing-related productions.
  • Evaluate production personnel annually during the official review process, including writing detailed performance reviews and meeting personally with each employee to deliver corrections and accolades as necessary.


  • Coordinated all relevant aspects of television broadcasts, including writing and editing content, researching production topics, and verifying sources.

  • Facilitated coordination between writers, reporters, directors, and executive managers to improve production quality and increase efficiency.

  • Reviewed rehearsals, recordings, and other media to verify quality and ensure compliance with station’s broadcasting standards.

  • Created and implemented a new workflow for interactions between production and post-production departments, which reduced overall man-hours and expenses while maintaining production quality.

Assistant Producer

  • Helped senior producers complete daily tasks, including operating broadcasting and telecommunications equipment.
  • Participated in on-the-job training to learn several different roles, including editing, production, and marketing.
  • Worked with sales department personnel during quarterly planning to determine feasible goals and create effective promotional materials.
  • Earned excellent feedback from mentors and managers, and progressively increased levels of responsibility.

Master of Science in Marketing Communication Management

Colorado State University
Bachelor of Arts in Communications

University of California
Hobbies and Interests

Maintain a television and video review vlog. Enjoy playing the violin, cooking, and painting. Guest speaker for local high school AV club.

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Technical Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Technical Manager Do?

A technical manager oversees and directs the work of a technical department, usually in relation to creating radio or television programs. As a technical manager, you may function as a director of several activities, such as taping, editing, and research, as well as maintenance and engineering tasks. Most employers expect technical managers to come from a background of working as a producer or technician in a television or radio studio, and therefore must have a thorough understanding of most related tasks. As you can see in the technical manager CV example, it’s important to highlight your technical knowledge in your Professional Summary and the Education section. Along with technical proficiency, a manager must have strong interpersonal skills to inspire teamwork and high-quality results, as well as to create a positive and efficient work environment for all employees.

Tips for Creating a Great Technical Manager CV

While you check your CV for typos and grammatical errors, use these writing tips to ensure an excellent final copy:

-Use your Professional Summary to highlight a couple of your best career achievements, especially as they relate to requirements in the job listing. Include metrics (if possible) to give your reader a thorough understanding of your success.
-Write a concise Work History that doesn’t include unnecessary details. Use a strong, specific action word at the beginning of every bullet to convey a lot of information efficiently.
-Make your CV memorable by including some of your personal interests and hobbies. Avoid mentioning activities of a religious or political nature, as these topics could be considered controversial.
-Ensure your CV is easy to read by choosing a standard font at least 10pt in size and keeping your document under three pages.