Restaurant Manager Resume Sample


A restaurant manager is responsible for planning and directing the operations of a food service establishment. In addition to managing the cooks and waiters, the manager may place orders and receive shipments, manage cash and credit card transactions, make bank deposits, and ensure that the restaurant maintains food safety standards.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Restaurant managers are usually responsible for hiring and firing staff, completing payroll and tax paperwork, and keeping track of scheduling. Depending on the size of the organization, a manager may also pay bills, complete inventory, and fill in for others in the kitchen or dining room.

Educational Requirements

Some larger or high end restaurants may require applicants to have a formal education in restaurant management. This may be achieved by earning a degree in hospitality, hotel and restaurant management, or a general degree in business. Many restaurants also offer their own in-house training programs. At minimum, a high school diploma and several years of restaurant work experience will be required.

Salary Expectations

While the national average salary is around $49,171 per year, the amount a restaurant manager makes can depend largely on the specific industry, location, and company size. The level of education and experience may also play a role in determining a starting wage. One of the most important factors will be having a professional resume that effectively communicates your skills and proves your worth. Check out MyPerfectResume for examples of winning restaurant manager resumes.

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample


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