The Perfect Resume Example: Certification Section


One way to help get your foot in the door is with a highly effective resume. For some employers, your certification section is what they are most concerned with. The perfect resume example and guide can give you advice on how to impress a hiring manager with your credentials.

Perfect Resume Example

Many job applicants can take advantage of including the certification section in their resume. This part of your job application can inform hiring managers about your professional licenses, industry certifications and other relevant training you’ve completed to be ready to take on the responsibilities of the open job. Here are some sample certification and licensing listings that could be part of different industry openings for job candidates from the entry-level graduate to the experienced, seasoned veteran in the workforce.

How Do You Add New Graduate (No Degree)to a Resume

First Aid Certification, American Red Cross, Fairbanks, AK – 2016
Lifeguard Certification, American Red Cross, Fairbanks, AK – 2016
CPR Certification, American Red Cross, Fairbanks, AK – 2016
Commercial Driver’s License, Alaska Motor Vehicle Association – 2015

How Do You Add New Graduate (Degree) to a Resume

Digital Media Journalism Certificate, University of Miami, Miami, FL – 2016
WordPress Online Certification, Online Training Institute – 2016
HTML Web Developer Certificate, Web Training Online Academy – 2015
Microsoft Specialist Certification, Dynamic Doers Online – 2015

How Do You Add Notary Public to a Resume

Live Notary Public Education Seminar, Duane Gomer Seminars – 2018
California Require Notary Training, National Notary – 2016
Notary Public Course and Exam, California Notary Training Center – 2017

How Do You Add Mid-Level Worker to a Resume

Xero Specialist Certification, Maximize Virtual Training Academy – 2016
Sage Accounting Software Training Certification, Sage Online – 2014
QuickBooks Accounting Software Certificate, Intuit Online – 2013
Certified Bookkeeper, American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers – 2012

How Do You Add Manager to a Resume

Baltimore City Certified Food Handler, Baltimore City Health Department – 2016
Responsible Alcohol Server Certification, Baltimore City Department of Licensing and Zoning – 2016
OSHA Safety Standards Certificate for Managers, Restaurant Training School Online – 2012
Food Safety Certification, ServSafe Program – 2011

How Do You Add Experienced Worker to a Resume

Digital Learning Educator Certificate, Online Training Education Company – 2015
Reading Specialist Certification, Macon County Education System – 2012
Administrator I Endorsement Certification, University of Wilmington – 2011
Certificate in Teaching Secondary English, North Carolina Department of Education – 2004

What to Notice in a Perfect Resume Example: Certification Section

In the perfect resume example, there are a variety of certification resume sections that give you a better idea of what goes in this part of your resume. For the most part, you can detail important information about the certificates you’ve earned that are relevant to your industry or position you’re seeking.

Certification information to include on your resume relates to professional licenses you have as well to give a hiring manager a clear vision of your skills and competencies for the open job. It’s best to include the official title of the certificate, where you earned the credential, the location of the licensing agency if applicable and the year you became certified.

In the perfect resume example certification section, the listings are organized in reverse chronological order. This means you should put the most recent certifications first and go backward in time when listing the rest. Many jobs require certifications in computer software programs, and some need employees to maintain safety certification for procedures or operation of equipment. If you don’t have any professional certifications, you can omit this section from your resume. Some job candidates skip this section entirely and take the same information and put it on their education section of the resume.

How Do I Add Certifications to my LinkedIn Profile?

Adding your degrees and certifications to your LinkedIn Profile is straightforward, especially once you’ve done it a few times.

Step 1: Click on your “Profile” and hit “View Profile.” You can find this option on your image in the top navigation menu.
Step 2: Edit your profile by clicking on the small pencil icon near the top of your page.
Step 3: Scroll down to the “Certifications” section and select the “Add certificate” option
Step 4: Type in your certification information.

Perfect Resume Example: At a Glance

• Order of Organization – Do list your certifications and licenses in time order, starting with credentials you most recently earned.
• Relevancy of Details – Don’t list certificates that have little to do with the job you’re trying to secure. Only include information that could help your job application be stronger.
• Information to Include – Do include certificates in common industry software, workplace safety components and anything else important to your preferred job.
• Additional Options – Make sure you expand the list of certifications with details about the business or entity that issued your credentials.