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Dishwasher Cover Letter Example

Dishwasher Job Description

Dishwashers are responsible for keeping restaurant kitchens sanitary. Their main duties are:
  • Loading dirty dishes into commercial dishwashers
  • Unloading and stacking clean dishes
  • Refilling the dishwater in the machine every hour
  • Cleaning machine filters
  • Taking out the trash
  • Scrubbing pots and pans
  • Mopping floors

Dishwasher Cover Letter Requirements

As long as you can read well enough to understand the safety labels on the cleaning chemicals you will be working with, your employers won’t care how much education you have. In fact, dish washing is a great way for high school students to dip their little toe into the restaurant industry. However, students have limited hours that they are available to work, so they must compete with each other when summer and weekend jobs are limited. And in a tough economy, the job competition is tough for everyone.So, make sure your dishwasher cover letter includes the qualities that are important to employers. Here is what employers are looking for in a dishwasher cover letter:
  • Experience: If you have ever worked as a dishwasher before, then mention it in your dishwasher cover letter. Higher-paying restaurants want dishwashers with experience.
  • Physical strength: The job requires heavy lifting and stamina. Your dishwasher cover letter should mention any sports you play, number of pounds you can bench-press, or any other detail that shows potential employers that you are physically able to handle the job.
  • Solid work ethic: Dishwashing is not a lazy job. Talk about your willingness to work hard in your dishwasher cover letter.

Dishwasher Advancement Opportunities

The average dishwasher makes 8.20 dollars per hour. Those who work in high-end restaurants make 10.75 dollars per hour. While dish washing is not a high-paying or glamorous job, it can be the first step to a high-profile restaurant career. Many successful chefs and restaurant owners started off as dishwashers. For more help landing your first dishwasher gig, check out the sample dishwasher cover letter below.

Dishwasher Cover Letter Sample