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Kitchen Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter serves as a way to introduce yourself to a potential employer. Customizing your cover letter is the best way to demonstrate your desire for the position that you are applying for. In this document you can speak about your knowledge of the kitchen position, as well as any accomplishments and goals that are not present in your resume. Consulting a free kitchen cover letter sample like the one below is an excellent way to be inspired when writing your own winning cover letter.

Dear Mr. Dolce,

A lifelong love of food has led me to pursue a career in culinary arts. My education and experience combined with my passion make me the ideal candidate for your kitchen position.

My dedication to cooking is evident in my years of experience in a variety of culinary positions. Out of dedication to my craft, I chose to attend school so that I could be aware of the best practices and techniques necessary to execute exquisite dishes. I completed my education five years ago and have continued to apply my knowledge in the field.

The job posting states that you are searching for an individual who is knowledgeable in health and safety standards. Having completed my education, I have made it a priority to finish all necessary certifications to work in a kitchen in New York state. I am fully prepared with the health and safety knowledge necessary to cook in and maintain a safe and effective kitchen.

The position available in your business is the type of job I dream about. I am eager to begin working in such a fantastic environment. Thank you very much for your consideration, and I look forward to discussing my application with you an interview.

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What to Include in a Kitchen Cover Letter

A cover letter will typically discuss a few topics. Winning cover letters often have an opening statement that indicates the position that is being applied for, while the closing statement thanks the hiring manager for their time and consideration. The body of the letter should be one or two paragraphs, like the above free kitchen cover letter sample, and should include information that is not in the resume. This could include skills and personality traits that are necessary for the position, or awards that might make you stand out from other candidates.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Use the above free kitchen cover letter sample as a source of inspiration only. Your own letter should include words that are indicative of your personal experience, and could possibly discuss some of the following skills.

● Creativity: This skill allows kitchen staff to develop innovative and inspired recipes that please their clientele.
● Physical stamina: Many kitchen positions require standing on hard floors for hours at a time with very little time to rest.
● Communication skills: A kitchen staff needs to communicate well to work together as a team and meet the needs of each customer.
● Dexterity: Many individuals in a kitchen need the manual dexterity necessary complete a variety of knife skills, including chopping, dicing, and cutting.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

Taking the first step toward writing a cover letter can be scary, especially if you’re unsure about what to focus on for a particular line of work. Browse our collection of industry-specific cover letter samples and learn about what to zero in on your cover letter!