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Restaurant Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

restaurant manager cover letter sample

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What It’s Like to Work in the Restaurant Manager Field

A restaurant manager has to know about food, sales, operations, staff management, scheduling and budgeting. In essence, they have to know about running a business. They can be found in almost any eatery, responsible for everything from managing profit-loss statements to day-to-day operations to handling employee payroll to opening and closing the establishment.
The restaurant manager cover letter lets hiring managers know where your skills fall in the management arena. There are assistant managers, general managers, beverage managers and facilities managers. Larger organizations could have several managers with unique responsibilities in one business. Carefully delineate in a restaurant manager cover letter where your talents lay, but highlight that you are aware of general functions such as liquor certifications, kitchen equipment and conducting staff meetings.

Benefits of Working in the Restaurant Manager Field

Restaurant management is as important to the small diner as it is to chains. While there are no real educational requirements, it doesn’t hurt to have some formal education in business, management or at the very least a high school diploma. The less education you have, the harder you will have to work. The good news is many restaurant managers start out as cooks, servers, bartenders and work their way up. It is not unusual for restaurant managers to start their own franchise or restaurant.
The Bureau of Labor Statistics sees a slow, steady growth in restaurant manager positions. Based on experience and education, they can make in the vicinity of $50,000 per year.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Of course, none of the above can happen if you do not have a credible restaurant manager cover letter and resume.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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