PCA Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A cover letter is a simple correspondence that accompanies the resume for most office-based jobs. No more than one page long, a cover letter works to introduce you to the hiring manager and explain which skills and experiences make you a good fit for the job. It’s not uncommon for job seekers to rush through writing a cover letter, but this is a mistake. Your introduction is an invaluable tool that, if written carefully, can boost your odds of getting a job interview. Use the free PCA cover letter sample below as a guide.

Dear Mrs. Wigglesworth,

Please consider this correspondence as a formal application for the patient care assistant position recently advertised with your firm. With over five years of experience handling such duties as taking vital signs, drawing blood, and providing general patient care, I believe I can bring a diverse set of practical skills that will make me a success in the advertised position.

Your description emphasizes the importance of solid communication. I am proud to say that I have been recognized for my strong interpersonal skills, including earning a national award from Toastmasters. I have combined those skills with experience providing direct patient care, housekeeping, and companion support.

In my present role, I work closely with clients on things like changing bedding, feeding, bathing, and personal grooming. Additionally, I possess the key office skills that you requested in your advertisement, including those related to clinical documentation software.

I consider myself a strong patient advocate. Working with patients is not only my profession, but it’s also my personal calling. I would love to bring my passion and skills to the position, and I’d be happy to answer any questions in a formal interview. Thank you for your consideration, and please be in touch.

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What to Include in a PCA Cover Letter

There are a few general things you will always want to consider when crafting your version of this free PCA cover letter sample. By definition, a cover letter is supposed to be about one page long. The language should be friendly yet professional, and you should open with a courteous greeting tailored to the hiring manager. Finally, don’t forget to formally request an interview.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

One of the best way to make your cover letter catch a hiring manager’s attention is by calling out position-specific skills. You’ve seen a few skills in the free PCA cover letter sample above, but here are a few general care provider traits you might want to mention:

● Friendly: You’ll work intimately with patients, so it’s important that you are personable.
● Certified: Certifications are common in the medical field, so mention any you hold.
● Decisive: You may need to make decisions for patients, so highlight your ability to be direct.
● Compassionate: Try to emphasize your ability to be compassionate when working with vulnerable communities.