Patient Care Tech Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A great cover letter is essential to get your resume noticed. Your letter is typically the first thing employers see, so if it fails to impress, your application process for the job may end right there. Therefore, it is well worth the time and effort to craft a strong cover letter that represents your best side. This free patient care tech cover letter sample showcases some effective writing techniques along with general tips to help you create the best possible letter.

Dear Ms. Wilkins,

As an experienced patient care tech, it has always been my goal to use my medical knowledge and skills to help patients recover. I believe that my technical expertise, in addition to my empathy for patients, makes me a great candidate for this job.

In my previous position as a patient care tech at a large regional hospital, I provided daily care to a wide variety of patients. I worked with nursing staff to ensure that each patient’s needs were met. This position allowed me to expand my skill set by gaining proficiency in medical procedures such as monitoring vitals, obtaining patient specimens for testing, and changing bandages. This allows me to effectively support the nursing staff.

When providing care as a patient care tech, it is vital to have empathy for patients. I see my job as not just providing for their physical needs by ensuring a clean room, proper equipment, and physical support. Patient recovery can be highly dependent on emotional wellbeing. I strive to support patients emotionally and to assist them with their concerns or questions.

I would love the opportunity to put my experience and skills to work for you. Thank you for considering my application; I hope to tell you more about my qualifications at an interview.

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What to Include in a Patient Care Tech Cover Letter

Now that you have reviewed this free patient care tech cover letter sample, it is time to start creating your own. The following advice will help you get it right. Your cover letter should let prospective employers know that you have the right skills and attitude for the job. A good way to accomplish this is to refer to the job description and to use specific examples to explain how you meet the given criteria.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

As you can see, the free patient care tech cover letter sample focuses on specific attributes that are valuable in a PCT position. While there are many qualities which employers in all sectors value, your cover letter should demonstrate that you are good at your specific occupation of patient care tech by including some of the following:

● Flexible mindset: As you provide support to nursing staff and look after patient needs, you should be ready to perform a wide variety of tasks.
● Compassionate: Providing good care for patients means showing empathy and understanding for many different types of people.
● Detail oriented: Your day as a PCT includes a great number of different tasks, many of which are time-sensitive.
● Dexterity: Performing basic procedures such as drawing blood or changing bandages requires manual skill.