Personal Care Aide Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Many job seekers focus on creating a strong resume and nothing else. The cover letter is also a huge part of attracting the attention of employers. It is the cover letter that emphasizes your excitement for the positioning in a personal way and makes your application unique. Review this simple writing guide and free personal care aide cover letter sample in order to learn the best writing practices for your cover letter.

Dear Ms. Molnar,

As a personal care professional, I am very excited about this job opening. I am confident that I hold the necessary skills and experience to thrive in your posted personal care aide position.

I have received training by a registered nurse to prepare myself for the work in this field. My working history as a personal care professional includes working with over two dozen clients over four years. Additionally, I completed my training in a local nursing home. I am a detail-oriented and organized aide that is ready to apply my acquired skills in a dedicated personal care aide position.

Your job description suggests that you prioritize strong interpersonal communication skills. I believe this aspect has been a big part of my own priorities while working, as I always strive to make my patients feel comfortable and engaged.

I hope to have the opportunity to discuss this position with you soon. I appreciate the time and consideration that you have given me.

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What to Include in a Personal Care Aide Cover Letter

The best cover letters employ a personal approach that communicates your professional qualifications concisely. When thinking about how to write a cover letter, it’s important to remember: Do not write a cover letter that is too long. Additionally, it should be specific to the job you are applying for, rather than a general letter that could be sent to any company. As you saw in this free personal care aide cover letter sample, referencing the job description in the letter makes it clear that you are interested in this job specifically. It also communicates that you have carefully read the posting and are serious about applying.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The set of skills that you highlight in your letter are vital to successfully being hired. While you should mention the necessary skills mentioned in the job description, the above free personal care aide cover letter sample and the following list of skills are some commonly beneficial points to include.

● Detail oriented: The clients’ health and wellbeing depends on their caretaker following a schedule closely and making note of any small changes in their condition.
● Interpersonal communication: Because you will be working directly with patients, it is important that you are able to communicate with them effectively, both to make them comfortable and to ensure their needs are being met.
● Integrity: Employers are looking for aides that are trustworthy and dependable for their clients.
● Organized: There are many responsibilities that personal aides have, so they must be organized.