Occupational Therapist Cover Letter Example & Templates

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occupational therapist cover letter example

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What It’s Like to Work as an Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist jobs vary based on who they’re helping and their patient’s particular disability. They work with people of all ages, helping them adapt to new challenges like learning new ways to perform everyday tasks and recovering from injuries – all with the goal of improving the patient’s quality of life. Occupational Therapists work in hospitals, nursing facilities, rehabilitation centers, schools or health care centers. Some therapists provide in-home assistance. They don’t just provide physical skills training. They often assist patients with memory skills and decision making or relearning important job skills. Since the preparation of reports for insurance companies and physicians is required, attention to detail is critical.

Benefits of Working in the Occupational Therapy Industry

Assisting people with the challenges in their lives and improving their quality of life is rewarding. It’s why most Occupational Therapist’s consider it worth it to go through the years of education required to get their master’s degree. Since there are so many different areas in which a therapist can find employment, they usually the usually have the option to work in the areas that most appeals to them. With a strong educational background and extensive clinical experience, health care management positions are available to those with management aspirations.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

Whether your goal is to move from in-home assistance to working in a rehab center or to move into health care management, your cover letter is your personal introduction. Don’t make the mistake of simply repeating the information from your resume. Tell them something new. Reflect their requirements in your list of accomplishments. Briefly tell how you turned a difficult patient into a receptive one who exceeded expectations. Paint a picture of yourself that represents exactly what the potential employer is looking for.