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Personal Care Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

personal care assistant cover letter template

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What It’s Like To Work In The Personal Care Assistant Field

A personal care assistant is responsible for tending to the daily medical needs of patients who are either convalescing at home, or are recovering in a long-term care facility. A personal care assistant also helps with daily tasks such as making meals, cleaning a living area and organizing the patient’s personal items.
A personal care assistant follows instructions from medical professionals on the care of patients and contacts emergency medical personnel if there is an issue. A personal care assistant is not a medical expert and does not act in any kind of medical capacity.

Benefits Of Working In The Personal Care Assistant Field

Personal care assistants get to help improve the lives of their patients and offer their patients an independence they may not otherwise have. In some cases, the patients of personal care assistants would be confined to hospitals if there was not some form of personal care. In this way, a personal care assistant has the satisfaction of knowing that the work they do is extremely important to their patients and the families of those patients as well.

Why You Need A Cover Letter

Your personal care assistant cover letter needs to show what types of regular tasks you are able to perform and how well you are able to follow complex medical instructions. Your personal care assistant cover letter should also highlight the strong, positive effect you have had on your patients throughout your career. The professionals at MyPerfectResume have developed a library of personal care assistant cover letter templates and samples that you can use for free. With our wide range of resources, you will be able to create a personal care assistant cover letter that will get noticed by hiring managers.


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