Homemaker Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to recruiters and convince them that you are the right candidate for the position, elaborating on key skills and accomplishments listed in your resume. In many cases, if it falls flat, hiring personnel won’t even bother reading your resume. That is why it is crucial to have a well-written cover letter like the free homemaker cover letter sample below, which addresses the specific requirements listed in the job posting. Following the tips that follow the sample will really make your cover letter stand out.

Dear Mr. Jacobs,

While some do not consider being a homemaker a job that requires much skill, I know from a decade of experience that a qualified homemaker provides a level of care that cannot be achieved without organizational skills, time management, and excellent communication skills, among many others. I possess all of the above, which is what makes me the right choice for this position.

Homemaking and home care for me is more than a job, it is a career. My passion lies in the satisfaction I get when helping a client live a better and more fulfilling life through assisting him or her with their day-to-day chores and tasks in an efficient and timely manner. I have provided assistance to over 60 different elderly residents over the course of my career, many of which became friends.

Your job posting mentions flexibility. My philosophy is to help where needed, and in the past that has included cleaning, meal preparation, light maintenances, schedule management, and companionship. I treat every client as an individual, tailoring my style to their personality and necessities. I may be a friendly companion who helps with the chores for one person and limit my interaction to a more professional level with another, depending on the preferences of the client. Ten years as a homemaker has made me an expert in knowing which hat to wear with which client.

As well as being an experienced homemaker, I am a certified emergency first responder ready to tackle any situation that arises. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss this position.

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What to Include in a Homemaker Cover Letter

When writing a cover letter, don’t just rehash the information in your resume, build on it. Follow the composition of the free homemaker cover letter sample with an introduction, reasons why you are qualified for that specific job, and a strong closing statement thanking the reader and leaving the door open for a future interview. Make sure the tone is professional and the text is concise (less than one page).

Industry Specific Skills to Include

The free homemaker cover letter sample showed how to highlight specific skills in an engaging way. These are some common homemaker skills to include in your cover letter if they apply.

● Housekeeping: Cleaning duties often make up the bulk of homemaker requirements, so having a professional level knowledge of housekeeping tasks and procedures is key.
● Communication: While much of the work is autonomous, homemaking is still a client-facing job.
● Organization and time management: You will be in charge of a number of tasks, so it is important to be organized and efficient in their execution.
● First Aid/CPR: You will often work with elderly or handicapped clients, so a first aid/CPR certification is strongly recommended, even if not specifically required.