One of the most important factors in getting great jobs is your CV. To create a winning curriculum vitae for a commis chef position, you can use the commis chef CV example we’ve included below. This example will show you what goes into a CV, from the Professional Summary to the Skills section and the Hobbies section. To help further, we’ve included some information about what to expect from a commis chef job and some quick pieces of advice for your CV. These resources will help you be more confident in your document.


Leanne Aldarelli

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Ambitious and promising young chef with culinary education and prestigious intern and entry-level work experience. Trained in multiple cuisines and preparations and extremely knowledgeable of basic and advanced cooking techniques. Able to prioritize safety in the kitchen while upholding high standards for meal and ingredient preparation. Takes direction well and can work under extreme pressure while maintaining a positive attitude. Passionate about pursuing a career in the culinary industry.

  • Excellent knife skills and understanding of safety in professional kitchen environments
  • Knowledgeable of basic and advanced cooking techniques including but not limited to braising, roasting, searing, sous vide, and frying
  • Ability to learn new recipes and preparations quickly
  • Understanding of flavor profiles and pairings
  • Calm under pressure
  • Ability to take orders well
  • Active listening and advanced interpersonal communication skills
  • High-energy team player with great collaboration abilities
Work Experience
Commis Chef
  • Work in all areas of the restaurant under the supervision of the executive chef.
  • Learn new skills quickly and make for an excellent addition to the kitchen team.
  • Assist the chef in brainstorming new menu items and specials based on locally sourced, in-season ingredients.
  • Named one of several promising new chefs in metropolitan area.
Kitchen Intern
  • Assisted with prep work before the restaurant opened.
  • Helped to prepare kitchen for nightly service.
  • Cleaned and organized the kitchen and kept it an enjoyable and orderly place to work.
  • Gained valuable knowledge of how kitchens are run and what competencies a chef needs to have to thrive in a kitchen environment.
Pastry Intern
  • Assisted in preparation of doughs, fillings, frostings, glazes and other components of dishes in pastry department of high-end hotel restaurant.
  • Maintained high levels of quality and safety within a busy and often high-pressure environment.
  • Worked under the direction of head pastry chef and took criticism well.
  • Was a high-energy, positive addition to the team and helped to maintain team morale.
  • Created a new dessert item that was added to the menu and became a best-seller at the restaurant.
Associate of Applied Science in Culinary Arts
University of Virginia
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Frequently cook for family and friends and hold weekly dinners focusing on different cultures and cuisines. Thrill-seeking athlete with an interest in skydiving, paragliding, outdoor rock climbing, and surfing. Guest blogger on popular food industry website.

Commis Chef Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Commis Chef Do?

Commis chefs are often individuals just starting out in their culinary career. After receiving a degree from a culinary institute, aspiring chefs may pursue internships, or they may begin working as a commis chef, a position that will give them knowledge and skills in all areas of a kitchen instead of just one specialization. Commis chefs will need to quickly learn what it’s like to work in a kitchen and will need to be able to use basic and advanced cooking techniques. It’s also helpful to have a good palette and understanding of how ingredients work together. Kitchen safety, including proper knife handling and cooking of raw ingredients is another area that is important for commis chefs to have an understanding of. As the commis chef CV example shows, it’s important that you have some competency in these areas if you want to succeed in this position.

Tips for Creating a Great Commis Chef CV

Beyond the example shown above, it’s important to understand a few more best practices for creating a CV using our CV maker:

  •  Do list any culinary internships you have had and show how you have advanced in duties and responsibility from one position to the next.
  •  Do read over your CV multiple times before submitting it to a restaurant you want to work for. Even though a commis chef is not the most writing-heavy position, it is still important to have a well-written and error-free CV.
  • Don’t forget to include your education. Having a background in the culinary arts and having a degree from a respected institution is sure to be impressive to potential employers and show you are serious about your career as a chef.
  • Do use bullet points when you talk about your experience and skills. Employers often have to go through multiple CVs to fill a position, so it’s best to make your CV skimmable and to-the-point.

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