Getting hired in a top position in education takes the right combination of skills and experience in the classroom and the administrator’s office. In addition to those essentials, you’ll also need to be ready to get your first interview invitation with a well-crafted CV. Writing a CV requires a different technique than putting other parts of your job application together. You can know exactly how to approach your writing process and make an unforgettable impression with help from the assistant principal CV example below.


Jason Cannon

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dynamic educational leader with 15 years of experience working as a school administrator. Innovative professional with a record of success motivating students, staff members, and the community to make a school its best. Dedicated to improving student achievement, increasing staff effectiveness, and bettering the school’s climate. Unique, student-centered approach to managing student behavior and promoting positivity. Inspiring speaker and communicator when addressing the student body or representing the school at community events.

  • Highly capable of working with online grading and digital learning tools, such as Blackboard, Canvas, and TeacherEase.
  • Strong communication skills, skilled written communicator, and expert oral communicator, especially when addressing large groups.
  • Solid understanding of curriculum theory, instructional design, assessment principles, and the evaluation process of teaching programs and educators.
  • Skilled in delivering effective discipline plans, counseling troubled students, and working with educators to improve classroom management.
  • Calm, collected, and comfortable during crisis situations or when dealing with tough personalities.
Work Experience
Assistant Principal
August 2013 – present


Company Name

  • Conduct conferences with students when they get referred to the office by teachers or other staff members to determine what happened.
  • Discuss attendance issues and behavior plans with parents and lead group conferences between parents and a team of teachers when appropriate.
  • Utilize a self-designed approach to positive behavior that has lowered suspensions by 28 percent.

Assistant Principal-
August 2008 – August 2013


Company Name

  • Reviewed teacher professional development plans with each staff member and assessed teacher performance throughout the year.
  • Ensured that teachers followed the appropriate set of curriculum standards when reviewing lesson plans and assessment results.
  • Awarded a $15,000 grant from a technology education association after submitting a compelling proposal to help update materials and tools in the school.

Assistant Principal – Middle School
August 2002 – August 2008



  • Developed a schedule of professional development activities during the school year to improve the teaching staff’s understanding of new Common Core standards.
  • Wrote budget summaries and requests to the local board of education for the following year to allow for increases in funding.
  • Nominated as Assistant Principal of the Year 2003, 2005, and 2006, for contributions to the school’s resources and staff development achievements.


Administrator I Certificate


Liberty University
City, State
Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction


Liberty University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

After the school bell rings at dismissal, I spend a lot of time working with aquatic creatures. I have several fish tanks devoted to these fascinating biological systems. Most of my hobby tanks are focused on saltwater aquariums. I have one tank devoted to saltwater corals, one for saltwater invertebrates, and one final one for fish.


Assistant Principal Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Assistant Principal Do?

An assistant principal has a hand in making a school run efficiently and harmoniously, as shown in the assistant principal CV example. Assistant principals work alongside teachers, office staff members, teacher assistants, and the principal to make a school work towards its goals. In many school systems, assistant principals may be responsible for enforcing the school’s discipline plan. They may be the ones to deliver consequences like detentions or suspensions when students are sent to the office. Some assistant principals may also play a role in the teacher evaluation process by observing teachers and evaluating their progress. Assistant principals may also work with their district to secure funding for various educational programs within their buildings. They may need to seek funding by writing proposals or requests to school district leaders or look for outside sources of funding for extra programs.

Tips for Creating a Great Assistant Principal CV

To be chosen for a key leadership role in a school, your CV must be unforgettable and impressive. Here are some ways you can make it show your best attributes:

  • Prove why you should be hired by writing a persuasive but appealing professional summary that reviews all of your most valued traits.
  • Map out your experience and skills in several additional sections, including your work history, your educational degrees, impressive skills, and a summary of your hobbies.
  • Add details about specific achievements that have helped improve schools you have been a part of within your work history section.
  • Discuss your contributions to school discipline and give clues about your philosophy of classroom management and behavior.
  • Provide information explaining how you’ve benefited the teaching staff of your previous educational institutions.

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