As a coffee shop manager, you will need to be an expert in all things java, espresso, and latte related. It may seem like a challenge to adequately convey these and other skills to potential employers. If you craft your curriculum vitae optimally, it can be done. By following the conventions and including the content generally expected of the genre, you can create a winning CV. You can also get some ideas by consulting our coffee shop manager CV example and tips. This resource will help you get started on writing your own coffee shop manager CV.


Darby Fishburne

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced coffee shop manager with over six years of experience in managing café storefronts, operating food establishment, and maintaining high customer service performance. Skilled in various other aspects of managing coffee shops, including maintaining high levels of quality in service and production, maximizing sales among customers, and increasing traffic through promotional endeavors. Previously applied these skills to position where sales were increased by 23 percent within three months of promotion to management, and customer feedback improved by 24 percent over the course of six months.

  • Extensive knowledge of coffee shop products and practices.
  • Exemplary management skills and ability to lead team.
  • Proficient in financial management practices for balancing funds.
  • Proficient in conventions of professional communication.
  • Familiar with the practices generally required of management personnel.
Work Experience
Coffee Shop Manager
May 2013-Present


  • Manage and oversee all daily operation of the coffee shop, including its opening, closing, and general sales.
  • Make deposits and withdrawals as necessary to maintain financial security of coffee shop and its assets.
  • Train all new hires on the essential elements of coffee shop work, including customer service, machine operation, and food safety guidelines.

Barista Supervisor
December 2012-May 2013


  • Supervised shift by solving problems, addressing issues, and implementing corporate policy throughout daily operations.
  • Fulfilled general supervisory duties such as correcting problems, mitigating customer dissatisfaction, and maintaining stock of supplies.
  • Managed sales for duration of shift and took initiative to improve average ticket total and trained staff in proactive sales techniques.

January 2011-December 2012



  • Worked in coffee shop and performed general duties associated with serving coffee and bakery goods to customers.
  • Learned process for creating such items as lattes, iced coffees, espresso, and many other coffee drinks and bakery items.
  • Interacted pleasantly with customers and implemented proactive sales techniques in order to boost profits and average sales.


Bachelor of Business Administration in Management


Youngstown University
Associate of Arts in Business Communication and Management
Youngstown Community College


Hobbies and Interests

There are many activities I enjoy partaking in when I am not at work. Working at a coffee shop has inspired my love of baking, which has recently emerged as one of my favorite pastimes. I enjoy baking cakes, cupcakes, and pastries that are delicious and beautiful. I have recently indulged this by entering baking competitions, two of which I have won. I enjoy using this skill to give back to the community by donating my baked goods to local homeless shelters and to the food bank serving underprivileged people in the local area I live in.


Coffee Shop Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Coffee Shop Manager Do?

Working as a coffee shop manager is an ideal job for anybody who loves their espresso, but there’s more required for the position than just an appreciation of coffee. In fact, this position requires a range of skills, including managerial abilities, financial knowledge, customer service savvy, and familiarity with retail environments. The daily responsibilities of the position will generally entail scheduling and training employees, supervising preparation of drinks and bakery goods, receiving and resolving any concerns from staff or customers, and strategically maximizing the profits of the shop. Refer to the coffee shop manager CV example for how to implement these skills and responsibilities into your document.

Tips for Creating a Great Coffee Shop Manager CV

A great CV is the key to a great job, and when you’re applying to work as a coffee shop manager, you need to back up your skills with a CV. The following tips can help you bring your CV from good to great so that you can win the position you want:

  • Do mention volunteer work and non-traditional work if it is relevant to the position that you are applying for.
  • Don’t neglect to use strategic keywords and phrases that will grab the interest of potential employers and make your CV stand out.
  • Do choose descriptive and illustrative words over empty and boring ones as you are writing the text of your CV.
  • Don’t include unnecessary information such as your GPA or the availability of references when an employer is more interested in your experience.
  • Do demonstrate that you possess both the knowledge and the skills necessary to apply the knowledge required for the position.

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