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Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert
Last Updated: May 28, 2023

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Propel your career with an effective public relations officer CV. Use this guide with writing tips and samples to craft an excellent public relations officer CV that’ll showcase your creativity and expertise.

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Public relations officer CV example (text version)

Kelsey Ghering

Salt Lake City, UT 84065
(555) 555-5555

Summary Statement

Skilled public relations officer with over 10 years of experience in fostering positive relationships between organizations and media. Strong communication skills and confident presentation abilities to deliver promotional campaigns, media addresses, crisis management and reports to executive management. Committed to providing organizations with positive interactions with the media to maintain reputation, strengthen consumer loyalty and establish credibility.


  • University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
    Master of Arts Communication
  • Specialization: Public Relations
  • University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT
    Bachelor of Arts Communication
  • Strategic Communication

Work Experience

November 2017 – Current
Highwire Public Relations – Salt Lake City, UT
Public Relations Officer

  • Facilitate inquiries and requests from media outlets, verify the legitimacy of sources and collaborate with colleagues on content development.
  • Write information-rich content to pitch to the public in promotional offers and campaigns by interviewing shareholders, community members and product consumers.
  • Create factually correct and professionally written responses to crisis situations to uphold organizational integrity and maintain character and reputation, preventing loss and saving up to $500,000.
  • Manage the expenditures of the communications department and ensure that all campaigns stay within budget.

August 2013 – October 2017
Deseret Digital Media – Salt Lake City, UT
PR Assistant

  • Worked with colleagues to address media coverage and promotional opportunities, create publicity campaigns with a value of $70,000 and identify improvements in communications.
  • Assisted in designing and executing nearly 20 promotional campaigns to build product awareness, garner positive media attention and boost the company’s reputation.
  • Wrote press materials and delivered presentations to media representatives.

September 2012 – July 2013
Silverline Communications – Salt Lake City, UT
PR Intern

  • Utilized social media outlets to increase customer followers by posting relevant messages, interesting product facts and blurbs about upcoming developments and promotions, helping increased the engagement rate from 1% to 3%.
  • Researched and collected data for use in press releases about a new product line released during the winter of 2012.
  • Assisted during the presentation of four different promotional campaigns and met the deadlines and budget requirements for each one.

Profession Relevant Skills

  • Strong written and oral communications skills to write and edit content, pitch and deliver promotional offers and collaborate with media for positive publicity.
  • Creative self-starter who can take information and transform it into something unique, authentic and memorable.
  • Skilled at using technology and social media to increase sales and build brand awareness and educate customers about product offerings.
  • Proven organization and time management skills and an understanding of effective financial practices to guarantee that all campaigns are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Innovative problem-solver who can find solutions to unexpected crises, which positions the company as a responsible leader that is committed to full disclosure and trustworthiness.
  • Profound understanding of the importance of good publicity, reputation management and timely response to PR inquiries in the development and success of an organization.

Core Qualifications

  • Strategic thinking
  • Research
  • Media outreach
  • Market research
  • MS Office
  • CMS expertise
  • Teamwork
  • Interpersonal skills

Conference Presentations

  • PR, Social and Traditional Communication Conference – (2022)
  • Crisis Management Today – (2021)
  • Public Relations and Cultural Awareness; Talking to Different Markets – (2021)
  • TOPO Summit 2019: “Reflecting, Rethinking, and Redefining Strategies and Tactics to Grow Revenue Faster” – (2019)

Conference Attendance

  • Public Relations Today – (2022)
  • The Future of Conferences and Events: A PR Planner’s View – (2021)
  • Five Steps to Hold a Virtual Press Conference – (2020)
  • Crisis Communication and Strategic PR – (2019)
  • Women in PR and Communication – (2018)

Honors and Awards

  • Commended for consistently strong writing skills in researching, drafting, editing and organizing content for release to media. (2019-Current)
  • CLARION Awards, AWC, Public Relations One-time Campaign Finalist – (2018)

Professional Affiliations and Memberships

  • The Public Relations Society of America – (2022)
  • Association for Women in Communications – (2021)
  • National Communication Association – (2019)

Certifications and Licenses

  • Certificate in Strategic Media Communications – (2021)
  • Public Relations Strategy Certificate – (2019)
  • Digital Marketing Certification – (2018)
  • Accredited Business Communicator (ABC) – (2017)

Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer twice a month at the local YMCA, where I teach youth the basics of writing and public speaking. I am an avid runner and have completed five marathons in the last two years. I enjoy photography and baking.

5 essentials of a top public relations officer CV

  1. Contact details

    This section will have all the information needed to contact you for an interview. The standard goes as follows: full name, city state and ZIP code, followed by phone number and email address. Finally, add a professional website, LinkedIn profile or any other professional networking profile and a professional portfolio if you have one.

  2. Personal statement

    This is your introduction to the hiring manager. Also called a professional summary, it is a short yet strong section. In three to five sentences, describe your years of experience, strongest job-relevant skills and professional accomplishments.

    If this is your first job, you can include accomplishments and projects from your college years and internships.

  3. Skills

    Use a bulleted list to show what you bring to the table in the skills section. Create a balanced list between hard skills, like negotiation, and soft skills, like relationship building and collaboration. Remember to always tailor your skills to the job posting.

  4. Work history

    List your work history in reverse-chronological order. Add the company names, locations and dates of employment. For every job, include a bulleted list of three measurable accomplishments, like collaboration in innovative projects, raised product awareness and percentage of improved company reputation. 

    If this is your first job, you can include other relevant work experience, like volunteer experiences, community services, professional projects and more.

  5. Education

    Using bullet points, include the educational institution’s name, the degree conferred and the graduation year. Skip the graduation date if it has been over 10 years. If you did not attend college, list your high school and any other post-high school course you’ve completed.

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Do’s and don’ts for building a public relations officer CV

  • Use measurable achievements to describe your public relations skills and experience.
  • Use action words to make an impact on your public relations officer CV.
  • Tailor your CV to your target public relations officer job.
  • Use keywords from the job description throughout your public relations officer CV.
  • Format your public relations officer CV so that it is easy to read by ATS software and human eyes.
  • Lie about your public relations experience and skills.
  • Boast about your “incomparable” public relations abilities.
  • Include irrelevant personal information such as your ethnicity and age.
  • Add skills and experience not pertaining to being a public relations officer. 
  • Forget to proofread. A public relations officer CV with errors is unprofessional.

Top 4 tips for acing a public relations officer interview

  1. Learn about the company before your interview.

    Start learning about a potential employer as soon as possible. Learn about their history, values and mission from their official website, social media channels and the news. If you know any current or previous employees, reach out with a few open-ended questions, like what can you tell me about working for the company. 

    This knowledge will show your interest and commitment to the position and will help you know more about the company culture, how its vision aligns with you, and what you could expect during the interview. 

  2. Practice at home.

    Rehearse for your interview with the help of a friend or relative. Find the most common interview questions, research and write down your answers. 

    Here are a few examples of interview questions:

    Your interview partner can ask the questions and provide feedback on your answers, tone and body language. It’ll allow you to improve your weakest responses and strengthen your solid ones. Continue to practice in front of the mirror and you’ll be ready to excel in your interview!

  3. Be proactive and ask questions.

    An interview works both ways. You’re being interviewed and you’re interviewing the employer. Prepare at least three questions to ask during or at the end of your interview. This will help you learn more about the position, the company and its culture. 

    Pick from the list or be inspired by it to create your own: 

    • What are the expectations for this role?
    • What attracted you to this company? 
    • Is this a new role? If yes, why did you decide to create it? If not, how has the role changed over the years?
    • What tools do you provide your PR team to excel at their positions?
    • What am I not asking that I should be?
  4. Gather your references.

    Round up your references as you start your job searching process. Speak with previous employers and colleagues and ask them to be your references. Your recommendations should be able to vouch for your work and skills.

    Let them know where you are in the interview process, and alert them when they should expect a phone or email. Request at least two recommendation letters. If you do not have experience, request references from volunteer coordinators, classmates and professors.

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