Recruiters select job candidates based on their qualifications, work experience, and skillset. Positioning yourself as a likely candidate is something you can easily do with a well-written curriculum vitae. An organized document that highlights your core competencies, reflects your industry understanding, and is dotted with keywords will undoubtedly leave an impression. This professional public relation officer CV example and tips illustrate how this is done and what outline to follow in the creation of your own document.


Kelsey Ghering

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled public relation professional with nearly 15 years of experience in fostering positive relationships between organizations and media. Strong communication skills and confident presentation abilities to deliver promotional campaigns, media addresses, and reports to executive management. Profound understanding of the importance of good publicity, reputation management, and timely response to PR inquiries in the development and success of an organization. Expert writing abilities with thorough attention to detail, proper formatting and citation, and concise delivery of interesting facts. Committed to providing organizations with positive interactions with the media to maintain reputation, strengthen consumer loyalty, and establish credibility.

  • Strong written and oral communications skills to write and edit content, pitch and deliver promotional offers, and collaborate with media for positive publicity.
  • Creative self-starter who can take information and transform it into something unique, authentic, and memorable.
  • Skilled at using technology and social media to increase sales and build brand awareness, and educate customers about product offerings.
  • Proven organization and time management skills and an understanding of effective financial practices to guarantee that all campaigns are delivered on time and within budget.
  • Innovative problem-solver who can find solutions to unexpected crises, which positions the company as a responsible leader that is committed to full disclosure and trustworthiness.
Work Experience
Public Relations Officer
2007 – present


  • Facilitate inquiries and requests from media outlets, verify legitimacy of sources, and collaborate with colleagues on content development.
  • Write information-rich content to pitch to the public in promotional offers and campaigns by interviewing shareholders, community members, and product consumers.
  • Create factually correct and professionally written responses to crisis situations to uphold organizational integrity and maintain character and reputation.
  • Manage the expenditures of the communications department and ensure that all campaigns stay within budget.

PR Assistant
2002 – 2007


  • Worked with colleagues to address media coverage and promotional opportunities, create publicity campaigns, and identify improvements in communications.
  • Assisted in designing and executing nearly 20 promotional campaigns to build product awareness, garner positive media attention, and boost company reputation.
  • Commended for consistently strong writing skills in researching, drafting, editing, and organizing content for release to media.

PR Intern
2000 – 2002



  • Utilized social media outlets to increase customer followers by posting relevant messages, interesting product facts, and blurbs about upcoming developments and promotions.
  • Researched and collected data for use in press releases about a new product line released during 2001.
  • Presented four different promotional campaigns and met the deadlines and budget requirements for each one.


Master in Public Relations


University of Utah
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Communication (PR Emphasis)


University of Utah
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I volunteer twice a month at the local YMCA, where I teach youth the basics of writing and public speaking. I am an avid runner and have completed five marathons in the last two years. I enjoy photography and baking.


Public Relations Officer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Public Relation Officer Do?

A public relation officer is in charge of facilitating communication between a company and media. Often, this interaction can take place via social media, face-to-face interaction, PR releases, or publicity campaigns. Each requires skills such as strong written and oral communication, organization, an understanding of proper research and citation practices, time management, and technology use, among others. Primary responsibilities may include organizing promotional campaigns, creating content for use in media coverage, identifying solutions to problems and crisis situations, and building the company’s reputation through positive imagery. You will often collaborate with many different parties including shareholders, consumers, media professionals, executive management, and the community to source topics and gather information. This public relation officer CV example shows you how to highlight these specific responsibilities in a way that is professional and informative.

Tips for Creating a Great Public Relation Officer CV

Here are some tips to consider as you begin writing your CV:

  •  Written-communication skills are a must as a public relation officer. You can showcase your understanding and possession of this skill by paying extra attention to the depth, organization, and editing of your content.
  •  The Professional Summary is an introduction where you can demonstrate your industry experience. Discuss skills such as communication, attention to detail, organization, and campaign management.
  • Look for keywords in the job description and include them throughout your CV. This shows your attention to detail and will effectively tell recruiters that you are qualified for the job.
  • Be careful not to overshare information in the Hobbies and Interest section. Keep your tone professional and your content related to the skills you have listed in the Skills section.

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