While many jobs do require a certain number of years of experience, it’s understood that jobseekers who are recent graduates may not necessarily have a complete work history In this situation, it’s up to you to prove to a hiring manager that you have the potential to be successful in the position. You’ll need to highlight past experiences, such as internships and your educational history. Take a look at this beginning teacher CV example for help crafting a job application in the education field.


Emma Price

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Eager and enthusiastic beginning teacher candidate with experience working with young people. Impressive work ethic and commitment to creating a challenging yet nurturing learning environment. Excellent background in current events, history, geography, and other social sciences. Passion for inspiring adolescents to achieve and go beyond their current capabilities. Strong knowledge of Common Core standards, assessment design, and curriculum elements for the secondary social studies classroom.

  • Excellent communication ability, strong written communicator, and skilled at oral communication when working with students or colleagues.
  • Proficient in working with job duties requiring computers or teaching with technology and using software such as Word, Excel, Blackboard, PowerPoint, or PowerSchool SIS.
  • Solid understanding of learning theory, curriculum design concepts, assessment principles, and the developmental stages of the young mind.
  • Patient and easygoing person with strong interpersonal skills, allowing me to be a capable leader of a classroom and someone easy to work with.
  • Strong critical and creative thinker, giving me more ideas to help develop innovative and interactive lesson plans that engage students.
Work Experience
Teacher Intern-
March 2016 – May 2016


Company Name

  • Taught seventh-grade social studies to a variety of diverse learners by conducting lectures, using whole group instruction, and encouraging discussion.
  • Created a classroom management system that rewarded good behavior in the classroom, resulting in a 20 percent increase in classwork completion.
  • Wrote versatile lesson plans using the Common Core standards and the local curriculum guide and incorporated daily assessment opportunities.

Teacher Intern-
August 2015 – March 2016


Company Name

  • Instructed 11th-grade students in American History and prepared Advanced Placement students for success on the test by focusing on curricular goals and assessment standards.
  • Counseled students individually on the progress of a year-long research project and provided helpful tips to give them ideas to expand upon their work.
  • Conducted a lunchtime history tutoring session that allowed struggling students to improve their understanding of the subject and increase their grades.

Camp Counselor
June 2015 – August 2015




  • Led small groups of middle school or high school students at a leadership boarding camp during the summer.
  • Planned daily lessons to encourage team building, character development, critical thinking skills, and more for young people during the summer camp.
  • Established a select group of outstanding campers who went above and beyond the requirements to be junior camp counselors and assist with camp operations.


Certification in Teaching Secondary Social Studies


Florida Department of Education
Bachelor of Science in Social Studies Education


University of Florida
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Since my childhood, I have been a competitive cheerleader. Competitive cheerleading focuses on skills such as dance, stunting, and tumbling. Once I entered high school, I joined the school’s cheerleading team and competed across the country in cheer events. I was also a cheerleader for my university’s football team. Now, I work as a coach for the youth recreational team in my town.



Beginning Teacher Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Beginning Teacher Do?

Beginning teachers are new graduates working in their first year as a professional educator. As shown in the beginning teacher CV example, these individuals don’t have paid teaching experience. Many job candidates have internship experiences or other related job histories. Once they are hired as educators, beginning teachers work in a specific subject if they get hired in a secondary school, or they work as general educators in an elementary school. Each day, beginning teachers work on delivering instruction to their students by lecturing, teaching concepts, supervising group work, and assessing individual work. Beginning teachers work together with parents to help support students in their learning and character education goals. Teachers must also figure out their philosophy of classroom management and create a safe and productive work environment in their classroom each day.

Tips for Creating a Great Beginning Teacher CV

Getting your CV right is something that takes some time. While you’re creating a CV using our CV maker, here are some important tips to follow:

  • Spend much of your writing time on developing a strong professional summary, since this section is usually the first part of the CV that is read.
  • Organize all of your details in reverse chronological order starting with your most recent jobs, schools, and experiences and going back about 10 years.
  •  Give examples of related experiences if you’re seeking employment in teaching as a new graduate; tutoring jobs, camp counselor jobs, or coaching jobs may work.
  •  Explain how you were successful in your teaching internship experiences before graduation to give a hiring manager a better idea of what your role in the classroom looks like.
  • Include a section outlining your hobbies and interests to show how your personality stands out as well.

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