As an aspiring fresher teacher, you may not have tons of experience, but that doesn’t mean your curriculum vitae shouldn’t be impressive. You can still demonstrate your qualifications and show potential employers why you are the right candidate for the job. Your CV offers the opportunity to detail your education, skills, and other winning features so potential employers will give you a shot at a teaching position. For the best advice on how to write these features into your CV, consult our guide, including the fresher teacher CV example and the additional tips that are below.


Emily Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Aspiring fresher teacher with experience in education and highly refined skill set, including classroom management, lesson planning, and organization. Prior work history in tutoring and student teaching has provided ample preparation for teaching and developed a diverse range of skills. Successfully implemented various student engagement practices in previous position as an assistant teacher that coincided with attendance improvement of over 18 percent as well as a test score improvement of 12 percent. Experienced in resource development, administrative support, and educational training functions in addition to teaching skills.

  • Proficient in a range of teaching styles and principles
  • Exemplary communication skills in written and spoken form
  • Innovative approach to problem solving
  • Passionate about teaching and leading student success
  • Creative classroom skills and abilities
Work Experience
Teaching Intern
August 2015-Present



  • Teach alongside primary classroom teacher and create lessons, activities, and assignments under supervision.
  • Assist teacher with grading and other overflow tasks associated with managing the classroom and teaching students.
  • Engage with teacher to collaborate on new teaching activities and seek feedback regarding general performance.

Classroom Assistant
June 2015-August 2015



  • Partnered with teacher to conduct essential tasks of classroom management, including lesson planning and activity time.
  • Observed and noted the teacher’s educational approaches and theories regarding the education of students.
  • Helped teacher manage grading and activity planning for the classroom by providing essential assistance in these tasks.

Peer Tutor
January 2015-June 2015




  • Partnered with students to provide assistance and advice across various subject matters and with various project types.
  • Created resources to aid students with commonly encountered issues and promote knowledge development.
  • Initiated efforts to engage with students more collaboratively and create a peer tutoring environment that fostered creativity.


Certified Secondary Educator


Master of Education in Curriculum Development


Klein School of Education
Hobbies and Interests

My passion for teaching inspires the hobbies I enjoy outside of work. I am a member of my local teachers’ book club, where we read books related to the discipline and some other books, too. I enjoy hosting this occasionally and reading as often as possible as well as writing when I am able. These activities often inform my teaching in the classroom, too. In addition to these hobbies, I am dedicated to volunteering and giving back to my community. I accomplish this by organizing a winter wear drive and providing needy students with coats and scarves in winter.



Fresher Teacher Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Fresher Teacher Do?

A fresher teacher is a teacher who generally does not yet have any experience teaching. This does not mean that the position is for entry level applicants, though. A fresher teacher will still generally have plenty of experience in education and will possess the requisite licensure for a full teaching position. The position itself will be like any other teaching position in that duties include leading a classroom, creating lesson plans, and engaging in activities with students. Fresher teachers will also meet with parents and engage with the students’ education holistically in order to foster student success. If you are wondering how to create a curriculum vitae for this position, referencing our fresher teacher CV example is a great place to start.

Tips for Creating a Great Fresher Teacher CV

When you need to show potential employers that you are the right choice for the job, you can do so by creating a stellar curriculum vitae that highlights all of your qualifications using our CV maker. Referencing the example above is a great place to start, and you can also refer to the following tips for some additional guidance:

  • Do find creative ways to position your skills and experience while highlighting your accomplishments in prior positions.
  • Don’t worry about cramming all of your experience and prior jobs into the text when you should be focusing on highlighting the most pertinent.
  • Do prioritize the most recent accomplishments and experiences first, but you should also highlight the most relevant.
  • Don’t be unclear in your phrasing or formatting — accessibility is a major part of creating a great CV.
  • Do keep in mind that the first person to read your CV may not be a hiring manager or in your department, so it should be easily understood.

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