Indian Chef CV Example


You only have one opportunity to show hiring managers why you are most qualified for an open position. That is why you need a solid CV that accurately summarizes your experiences and skills. To get a sense of what information you should include and how your CV should be formatted, take a look at the Indian chef CV example given below. By understanding what job recruiters are looking for, you can better tailor your CV for the position you hope to be offered. Chef jobs are competitive, so you need every advantage possible.

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Omar Lau

3698 West Cahuenga Ave. , Phoenix, AZ 11111

E: T: 555-245-5545

Professional Summary

Skilled chef with experience in Indian cuisine. Strong commitment to ensuring ingredients are of the highest quality possible, and experience supervising the activities of other cooks in the kitchen. Dedicated expert with in-depth knowledge of sanitary regulations and has never worked in a restaurant with less than an A rating. Excelled at keeping costs low and managing overhead efficiently.

  • -Extensive knowledge of food production, including testing for quality control -Leadership skills and the ability to delegate effectively -Customer service skills to ensure the satisfaction of every patron -Strong technology expertise, including in-depth understanding of nutrition analysis software and recipe and menu software -Capability of making artistic contributions to a restaurant and creating unique dishes that are in line with the establishment’s sensibilities -Exceptional problem solving skills to never fall behind on orders
Work Experience
Head Chef
August 2013 – Present

  • Prepare a variety of dishes from scratch, including naan and tandoori chicken.
  • Plan weekly menu specials that have earned rave acclaim from customers on Yelp.
  • Teach other cooks how to properly prepare, garnish, and present dishes.
  • Handle high-volume food preparation for rush hour, often preparing meals for over 100 individuals in an hour.
  • Meet with individuals who want the restaurant to cater events such as weddings and corporate conferences.

Sous Chef
May 2010 – August 2013

  • Prepared food to assist the head chef and learned how to prepare a variety of Indian dishes, including chutney, chana masala, and tandoori chicken.

  • Communicated with managers when more supplies or ingredients needed to be ordered.

  • Cleaned kitchen at the end of every shift to ensure sanitation requirements were met.

  • Recorded production data on the proper forms to ensure management knew how profitable each shift of the day was.

Kitchen Assistant
June 2008 – May 2010

  • Prepared various foods by washing, peeling, and cutting them, making sure they are ready for the chef.
  • Recorded temperatures of foods in freezer and refrigerator.
  • Washed dishes, plates, and utensils at the end of every day.
  • Prevented spoilage by properly storing foods in the appropriate containers.

Associate in Culinary Arts

Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
Phoenix AZ

Hobbies and Interests

Outside of the kitchen, I enjoy participating in sports, including football, tennis, and soccer. I am part of a recreational soccer league that meets once a week to practice and play in matches once a month. I also enjoy hiking on the weekends and love finding new trails to explore.

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Indian Chef Must-Haves

What Does an Indian Chef Do?

To write an eye-catching Indian chef CV, you need to understand the multitude of responsibilities chefs have, and more importantly, demonstrate an intricate familiarity with Indian cuisine. The main tasks every chef will be responsible for include preparing dishes, analyzing new recipes to determine overhead costs, recruiting new staff members, demonstrating appropriate cooking techniques to staff, and meeting with patrons who are planning a big event. When applying for a position at an Indian restaurant, you need to talk about your ability to prepare some of the more common Indian dishes, including chicken tikka, lamb kebabs, beef vindaloo, chaat papri, alu gobi, and anything else you have experience with. Use this advice and the Indian chef CV example above to help you craft your very own CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Indian Chef CV

Follow these tips to take your Indian chef CV to the next level:

– The Personal Statement needs to “hook” the reader. It needs to be enticing and engaging so that the hiring manager feels compelled to keep reading and learn more about you.
– In the Work Experience section, you need to start with your most recent position and work backwards chronologically.
– Use metrics when possible in your Work Experience section. Instead of saying you managed a team, say you managed a team of 10 people.
– If there are gaps in your work experience, do not explain them on your CV. Save that information for the interview if you get to that point.
– Leave out information that could be viewed as controversial, such as your religious or political beliefs.
– If you have a college degree, then there is no reason to state that you have a high school diploma.