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The exciting world of restaurant work can be a great place to begin a new career. If you’re looking to start your job search at a restaurant, you’ll need to make sure you have a great CV that advertises your biggest strengths. With as many job applications that come through a restaurant, hiring managers want to see how someone can stand out in a well-written CV. Knowing what to include and what to omit can be tricky, so you should follow the lead of the kitchen steward CV example shown below.
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Stacie Smith

3451 Palm Way,Indio Town, CA 11111

T: 555-345-9829 E:

Professional Summary

Professional Know Your Customer Analyst with extensive experience in functions such as preventing money laundering, controlling media accounts, and achieving target goals in production volume. Highly skilled in all facets of customer research and adept at compiling and interpreting data relating to customer behavior. Works very well as part of a team and enjoys making meaningful contributions to the success of the company. Previous work contributed to campaigns that increased customer base by 18 percent and decreased reported cases on money laundering by 10 percent.

    – Exemplary analytical skills – Innovative problem solving abilities – Superior organization and multi-tasking abilities – Ideal written and spoken communication skills – Proficient in collaboration and team work
Work Experience
KYC Analyst
January 2015-Present

  • Conduct extensive research employing KYC protocols in order to better understand clientele and formulate strategies against laundering.
  • Create analyses of data compiled and present reports to the rest of the managerial staff in order to educate and train.
  • Identify and satisfy KYC standards as set forth by the company in order to ensure all research conducted is in due diligence.

Client Financial Analyst
March 2014-January 2015

  • Analyzed financial transactions initiated by customers in order to ensure there were no instances of fraud or laundering.

  • Alerted the proper authorities for follow up and resolution regarding the client account.

  • Strategized methods for minimizing such instances and ensured that client financial transactions were legitimate.

Client Services Manager
December 2012-March 2014

  • Provided engaging customer service to clients and ensured that their experiences at the company were positive.
  • Compiled data based on feedback to assess what customers feel about the company and how improvements could be made.
  • Compiled and reviewed reports regarding client experiences and presented them to the rest of the company for consideration.

Master of Business Administration

Mountain State University
Bachelor of Business Administration

Mountain State University
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy a range of hobbies and interests when I am not at work. Perhaps my favorite is taking and teaching yoga classes in my spare time. I am passionate about the meditation, fitness, and wellness that yoga encourages, and I try to integrate these principles into the rest of my life, too. In addition to this, I volunteer regularly at the YMCA and provide essential job skills workshops to job seekers who need help with interviewing skills, resume development, and job seeking practices. I take pride in assisting members of my community, and I hope that I can continue to develop its workforce through my volunteer work.

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KYC Analyst CV Must-Haves

What Does a KYC Analyst Do?

A KYC analyst is primarily responsible for compiling and analyzing data relating to a company’s clients’ transactions, experiences, and problems. As you attempt to know your customer, you should always be cognizant of how customers ultimately affect the company. If they are laundering money, for example, it is the job of a KYC analyst to alert the proper authorities for resolution. KYC analysts are also typically tasked with production target volumes that they are responsible for satisfying. A major responsibility in doing so is initiating KYC research, ensuring due diligence, and packaging research for further analysis by management within the company. You can get a good idea of how to include these elements in your CV by consulting our KYC analyst CV example.

Tips for Creating a Great KYC Analyst CV

If you’ve reviewed the CV example contained above, you should have a better idea of what yours should look like, too. It’s always helpful to have some additional pointers, though, and these will certainly help you strategize your CV’s final form:

– Do tailor your CV to the position that you are applying for rather than creating a one-size-fits-all version.
– Don’t be monotonous in your phrasing. You should vary it as much as possible to make the prose easy to read.
– Do make your qualifications easy to see through clear examples of your success in prior positions.
– Don’t use empty words and phrases, such as “team player” or “hard worker,” that sound cliché and generic more than anything.


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