Full Time Nanny Resume Sample


As a full time nanny, you want to find the right family that works for your personal and professional goals. The best way to land the position you want is to start with a well-written and organized resume.

A full time nanny resume may differ slightly from a traditional resume in that previous employers may be individuals rather than companies. Be sure to also include personal certifications and specific skills to stand out from other applicants.

For other helpful tips, check out our full time nanny resume example below. When you’re ready to create your own resume, you can also use our professional resume templates as a guide.

Full Time Nanny Resume Sample

Full Time Nanny Resume Questions

1. How do you write the experience section of your full time nanny resume?

Most of the confusion when writing a resume as a nanny comes from determining how to name past employers, as they are likely not traditional companies. The full time nanny resume sample created the perfect solution by listing the employer as a private client rather than providing his or her name.

Other than omitting a name, the rest of the experience section looks like any other resume. Include the dates of employment, the city and state where you worked, your official job title, and a bulleted list of responsibilities and achievements.

2. How many bullet points do you include with each job in a full time nanny resume?

The number of bullet points to include in a resume can be tricky. If you don’t add enough, it may seem as if you did not hold a lot of responsibility. On the other hand, using too many bullet points may make your resume too long and harder for a busy parent to read.

Generally, you should write at least three bullet points per previous position, but not more than eight. When creating your work experience section, consider your most important tasks at previous jobs. List those first. If you need more bullet points, you can describe less important tasks that still relate to the position.

3. How do you write an objective statement for a full time nanny resume?

As shown in the full time nanny resume sample, writing an objective statement is no longer a common resume practice, unless you are just starting out or changing careers. Instead, in most cases, employers prefer to see a summary statement that puts your most important skills and qualifications front and center.

The summary should be three or four lines in paragraph or bullet-point format. Include your years of experience and whether you are a live-in or live-out nanny in the first sentence. The second sentence is best for hard skills or important education or certifications. Use the third sentence to mention aptitudes such as being bilingual or working with special needs kids.

4. How do you list certifications on your full time nanny resume?

People with only one or two certifications can add them to the education section. If you have many, you can create a separate section for them, the way the full time nanny resume sample does. Wherever you list them, it is important to include enough information. In addition to the official title, such as CPR and First Aid certification, mention when you received it, the city in which you earned it, and who awarded you the certification.

5. How do you describe computer skills on your full time nanny resume?

These days, even a seemingly nontechnical job such as being a nanny requires computer skills. Many employers need someone who can keep up with apps or other software that keeps the family’s schedule on track.

If you have particular software knowledge, you can add it to your skills section. If a previous employer required you to use specific scheduling software or other apps, list them in the bullet points for that job under the work experience section. Our resume builder can help you build the perfect resume incorporating your digital skills in helpful ways.

Need help writing your resume? Be sure to read over this resume guide to begin!

Even if you’re done with your Full Time Nanny resume, you’re not done with your application documents. See our Full Time Nanny cover letter samples to learn the ropes.

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Donnie James

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337
E-Mail: example-email@example.com


Caring Nanny who offers full-time live-in or out flexibility. Offering 12 years childcare experience and proficiency in assimilating into a new family culture. Skilled in creating schedules, following commitments, and maintaining routines.


Responsible driver
Adaptable caregiver
Mindful of individual child’s needs
People person

Effective leader and mentor
Wide ranging knowledge
Excellent tutor
Trilingual: English, French, and German
Time management skill


July 2008 to Current
Private Family Client New Cityland, CA
Full Time Nanny

Help children complete homework assignments and school projects.
Organize activities that enhance children’s physical, emotional, and social well-being.
Stay current on toy and child-related recalls and safety warnings.
Encourage children to be understanding of and patient with others.
Coordinate field trips to local parks, fire stations, and zoos.
Engage with children on an individual basis to build positive relationships with them.
Closely monitor children’s play activities to verify safety.
Safely transport children to and from school, medical appointments, and extra-curricular activities.

December 2001 to June 2008
Private Family Client New Cityland, CA
Full Time Nanny

Regularly traveled with the family to help with vacation activities and childcare.
Promoted language development skills through reading and storytelling.
Worked with parents to develop and implement discipline programs to promote positive behavior.
Helped develop the family’s schedule to maintain household order.
Supported after-school activities including sport practice and homework.
Closely monitored children’s play activities to verify safety.


Simpson University New Cityland, CA
Bachelor of Science Early Childhood Development

Coursework in Child Development and Child Psychology

Certifications and Credentials

Current First Aid and CPR Certificates
Water Safety Certificate
INA Credentialed Nanny Certificate
Newborn Care Specialist
Language and Literacy Development training