Resume Templates: Commis Chef


Resume Templates: Commis Chef

Commis Chef Resume Questions

1. How do you highlight soft skills on a commis chef resume?

Modern employers are giving more attention to soft skills than they have in the past; this means you should also focus on them. These abilities or behaviors include traits such as time management, positive leadership, collaboration, and flexibility.

Direct hiring managers’ attention to your people skills by identifying and including any from the job description; do this for each resume you plan to submit. Next, provide examples of problems you’ve solved or quantify results with specific numbers. Finally, use strong verbs that relate to soft skills, and don’t overlook leadership opportunities. Read through our commis chef resume sample for more ideas.

2. How can you highlight team experience on a commis chef resume?

As a commis chef, you have an opportunity to impress supervisors as you work in various stations and assist in food preparation. Your ability to support team members and improve the team as a whole is vital to the smooth flow in the kitchen. Use the same techniques as above to showcase your teamwork abilities. Did you collaborate with nutritionists, dietitians, and the chef to satisfy choosy customers? Include a description of that achievement and combine it with statistics, percentages, and dollar amounts to show how that work was beneficial to your employer.

3. How many skills should you put on a commis chef resume?

It’s natural to focus your attention on your work history section, but don’t neglect your skills section in the process. This is a great place to position your best qualities. Most jobseekers use a bullet format to be sure the section is easy for hiring managers to skim. In addition to using a bullet format, limit this section to skills that are relevant and impressive. In our commis chef resume sample, the applicant went beyond familiarity with cooking and included the more descriptive “proactive,” changing the focus from a mundane duty to an impressive quality that is valuable to employers.

4. How do you make a commis chef resume with no experience?

The most important thing to consider when writing your first resume is what your audience wants to see. Then, make sure that appears in the top third of your document. Since you don’t have a lot of work history to share, position your achievements, community work, or education near the top. Just be sure your examples are relevant. The work experience you do have belongs on the second half of the page and should only include skills that transfer to the job you hope to get.

5. What does a good commis chef resume look like?

As in our commis chef resume sample, a clean, simple design is best. Use formatting, such as italics and caps, sparingly. Work with professional fonts and colors. Next, make sure your best information is at the top of the page. Align your page down the center and review the document for any errors. A good-looking document has a balance of paragraphs and bullets, as well as balance between white space and content. Provide statistics and specific numbers as much as possible, and prevent your page from becoming crowded by weeding out any information that isn’t necessary and impressive. Take a look at our resume builder tools for step-by-step guidance through your writing process.

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Resume Text

Juliette Platt100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA, 91010Cell: (555) SUMMARY Dedicated and responsible Commis Chef with a range of talents in the culinary arts. Array of knowledge when it comes to menu specialties, food presentation and handling, and functionality in a variety of cooking and eating venues. With a strong focus on enhancing the customer dining experience, looking to build hospitality talents with fresh opportunities. HIGHLIGHTS
  • Fact paced dining experience
  • Familiar with latest cooking equipment and tools
  • Knowledge of food preparation methods
  • Measuring, mixing and weighing of ingredients
  • Proactive in cooking and kitchen activities
  • Certified in food handling safety
  • Appropriate apposite combinations
  • Keep food areas sanitized
WORK EXPERIENCE March 2007 to Present Amble Spa & Resort, New Cityland, CA Commis Chef
  • Designed and updated the specialty menu used for all the resort’s catered events.
  • Monitor preparation of meals, matching tastes and dietary needs to guests.
  • Managed staff of 18, including servers, cooks, bakers, busboys, etc.
  • Collaborated with vendors to ensure resort had fresh foods, ingredients and latest equipment and resources.
March 2002 to January 2007 Masterson Restaurants, New Cityland, CA Commis Chef
  • Designed menus in unison with nutritionists, dietitians and Head Chef to ensure inventory included organics, gluten free, diabetic and other options.
  • Managed food and ingredient inventory, accepting, signing for and examining deliveries.
  • Cooked up to 30 meals a day.
EDUCATION 2006 University of California, New Cityland, CA Bachelor of Science, Culinary Arts Management