One of the best ways to make a good impression on hiring managers is to have a solid curriculum vitae. With the right CV, you increase your chances of getting a shot at an interview, so do yourself a favor and take a look at the junior sous chef CV example below to get an idea of what information to include and which format to use. Afterward, your very own CV is sure to be that much better and your chances of success that much greater.


Remy Townsley

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Hard-working junior sous chef with six years of experience in the industry and a background in various restaurant types, including seafood, Italian, vegetarian/vegan, and Japanese. Dedicated to using only the freshest and finest ingredients to deliver fantastic and satisfying dishes that look just as great as they taste. Well-experienced with working on a team and churning out orders on my own when the situation requires it. Background in ordering supplies and keeping well-organized records to make sure the restaurant doesn’t waste money and to better ensure we don’t run out of product when we need it most. Ready to find a position that allows me to work my way up to head chef.

  • High level of creativity required to prepare innovative dishes and recipes to ensure the restaurant’s menu stays fresh.
  • Excellent communication skills necessary to build and maintain a rapport with fellow cooks as well as the wait staff and other team members essential to the operation and success of the restaurant.
  • Leadership skills allow me to motivate, supervise, and build relationships with fellow cooks and send out consistent product time and time again.
Work Experience
Junior Sous Chef
October 2015 – Present


  • Prepare, season, and cook an assortment of dishes, including salads, fish, soups, meats, desserts, and vegetables according to guest specifications and recipes.
  • Help price and plan menu items with regard to market price, portion size, and company standards.
  • Keep detailed records and accounts of food cost, food usage, and food waste; developed a new way of preparing dishes that saves the restaurant seven percent on overall food cost.


Line Cook
August 2013 – October 2015


  • Ensured ingredients were fresh before using them in dishes.
  • Cooked, handled, and stored food and ingredients according to the latest regulations and restaurant standards.
  • Cleaned utensils, cooking equipment, and dishes while ensuring workstation was as clean as possible throughout shift.


Short Order Cook
February 2011 – August 2013


  • Prepared sandwiches, salads, various breakfast dishes, and soups with speed as well as accuracy.
  • Worked on several orders at once, often alone, during breakfast and lunch shift.
  • Washed dishes and cooking equipment and kept work area well-stocked and cleaned.




Associate of Culinary Arts


Arapahoe Community College
City, State
Certified Sous Chef


The American Culinary Federation
Hobbies and Interests

When not in the kitchen, I can be found in my garage working on one of my classic cars. I also enjoy riding my motorcycle in the hills with a cycle club made up of riders of various ages and skill levels. I also participate in a sci-fi book club where we choose a novel and meet up at a local coffee shop for a weekly discussion.


Junior Sous Chef Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Junior Sous Chef Do?

Junior sous chefs are second-in-command under the head chef and have run of the kitchen when the head chef isn’t available. They’re tasked with watching over cooks while they prepare meals according to recipes. Junior sous chefs may also have a hand in planning the menu and deciding on the price of dishes. The job might also require that they help with hiring and training new cooks, ordering food items, keeping an eye on the restaurant’s inventory, and ensuring the kitchen remains safe and sanitized according to the latest standards.

As you can see, there’s a lot of ground and skills to cover when it comes to drafting your CV. For that reason, it’s even more essential that you refer to the junior sous chef CV example above as well as the writing tips offered below.

Tips for Creating a Great Junior Sous Chef CV

To make your CV truly stand out and cook up success when seen by hiring managers, employers, and recruiters, it’s a great idea to remember the following writing tips:

  • While you wouldn’t include your hobbies and interests in a traditional resume, you can include them in your CV. Doing so gives hiring managers a better idea of your personality and how your professional life blends into your personal life.
  • Don’t use the same words twice in your CV. Use a thesaurus to find alternatives, which employers are sure to notice and appreciate.
  • Do be sure to make note of any special certifications, education, or training you’ve received that help round out your experience as a sous chef.
  • Don’t add anything to your CV that could be considered controversial or has the potential to lead to discrimination, such as your religious or political views.

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