It can be a difficult task to find a job, and it can be even more difficult to make a strong impression to improve your chances of getting hired. A good strategy is to focus on creating a strong curriculum vitae that gives employers everything they need to know in a simple package. Your CV should include information about your professional traits, qualifications, previous working experiences, education, and a list of your skills. There is a specific CV format that employers expect, so you should be familiar with it. To get started, review this head bartender CV example.


Caleb Josef

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Reliable bartender with a decade of professional experience serving drinks at multiple bars. Proven track record of success satisfying customers and serving drinks quickly and accurately. Experienced in management and leading a bartending team to fill all customer orders. Administrative knowledge of bar operations. A candidate who combines excellent organization with strong multitasking and customer service skills, while prioritizing communication with customers as well as other staff.

  • Excellent customer service skills and extensive professional communication experience
  • Experience in retail, handling money responsibly and counting change accurately
  • Organized and talented multitasker
  • Strong administrative abilities and familiar filling out reports on daily earnings
  • Management and leadership experience
Work Experience
Head Bartender
2015 to present



  • Serve drinks to customers quickly and correctly.
  • Maintain large knowledge of drink selection.
  • Arrange bar tending staff to best accommodate changing density of guests.
  • Create schedule while taking labor costs into consideration.
  • Perform closing process on a nightly basis, including locking up, cleaning, preparing for the next business day, and guiding guests out of the establishment.
  • Maintain customer satisfaction rating consistently above 90 percent.

2012 to 2015



  • Took drink orders and filled them quickly without error.
  • Rotated inventory and kept track of stock, making recommendations for ordering.
  • Aided head bartender in administrative tasks and report creation.
  • Developed relationship with regular customers while encouraging others to become return customers through excellent customer service.
  • Kept track of tabs accurately and handled money responsibly.
  • Provided change accurately.

2007 to 2012




  • Developed foundational bartending skills by shadowing head bartender closely and observing carefully.
  • Practiced entire drink catalogue daily, refining technique until met with head bartender approval.
  • Interacted with customers professionally and put interpersonal communication skills into practice to build relationships.
  • Provided excellent customer service to all guests at all times, paying special attention to accurately filling drink orders.


Associate Degree in Mixology


Seattle School of Bartending


Hobbies and Interests

Whenever I have the chance, I enjoy travelling and immersing myself in cultures different than my own, thus developing my interpersonal communication skills. I stay fit by running daily and playing basketball. I also volunteer my time in a biannual charity event.



Head Bartender Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Head Bartender Do?

Head bartenders fill the same roles as lower level bartenders, but they have additional responsibilities. In addition to serving drinks to customers and accepting payment, head bartenders manage the rest of the bartending staff and perform organizational or administrative duties. They may also be involved in the hiring process, since new bartenders will join their team and work under the head bartender directly. One of the most important attributes that a bartender must have is strong communication skills. It is wise to emphasize this skill heavily in your CV, as you saw in the above head bartender CV example. It is also vital that head bartenders have management skills, as well as critical thinking and decision making. Each job description will be slightly different, and the very best CVs take advantages of unique elements in each job posting to make the candidate seem as appealing as possible.

Tips for Creating a Great Head Bartender CV

In addition to the above example, use these tips and our CV maker to create a stand out CV:

  • The experience section is the most important section. This is especially true of bartenders because relatively minimal education is necessary to begin working in this field. Employers want to know what experience you have behind the bar.
  • When listing your experiences, begin with your most recent position or your current position. List the rest in reverse order. Only the first should be in present tense, with all others in past tense. Additionally, every bullet point should begin with a strong action verb.
  • Do review your CV for errors or areas of potential improvement. Typographical errors are not acceptable. If you identify instances of empty gaps or large blocks of text, be sure to rearrange the information to eliminate them.
  • Do not make your CV too long or short. Your goal is one full page for every 10 years of working experience you have. If it is shorter than this, it appears that you are less experienced.

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