A smart way to catch a recruiter’s attention is with a professional CV that stands apart from the other candidates. Our writing guidelines and this food and beverage manager CV example can give you a great starting place to craft your own CV. You can learn more about what information to include as well as how to work experience, skills, and education sections to showcase your talents and expertise.


Jackson Schmidt

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Knowledgeable food and beverage manager with over 15 years’ experience in casual and fine dining hospitality establishments seeking position in upscale dining concept. Gifted motivator and leader comfortable with supervising service team of over 75 employees. Credited with implementing cost-savings measures which led to a 22 percent reduction in food waste. Comfortable in fast-paced environment to provide quality service for patrons while effectively mentoring new staff.

  • Budget preparation and cost analysis
  • Event planning, marketing, and sales
  • Excellent communication skills, including written and public speaking
  • Independent leader with strong mentoring, supervisory, and motivational abilities
  • Keen eye toward concept development and implementation
  • Exceptional service-minded people skills
  • Proficient in database, word processing, and POS software for all areas of hospitality marketing and management
  • Adaptability in high-stress environments with ability to maintain composure and high level of professionalism
Work Experience
Food and Beverage Manager
February 2012-present



  • Manage chef, kitchen staff, and service team of over 50 to provide stellar dining experiences to high-profile patrons.
  • Oversee administrative tasks, including bookkeeping, training, equipment and food ordering, maintenance, and other needs as they arise.
  • Maintain communication with management staff of hotel and corporate directors.
  • Prepare annual and monthly budgets, cost analysis, employee performance reviews, and additional quarterly reports.
  • Interact daily with hotel and dining guests to promote brand and accept feedback.

Food and Beverage Manager
June 2009-January 2012



  • Supervised catering staff for superior service and presentation for all corporate or personal events.
  • Demonstrated budgetary needs and overhead expenditures to board of director through meetings and reports.
  • Implemented creative concept in concert with executive chef and partners.
  • Recognized by partners for commitment to quality in preparation, presentation, training, and service.

Banquet Manager
September 2004-May 2009




  • Ran daily operations as well as special event planning with administrative staff of six to supervise food and beverage staff of over 60.
  • Created annual budget for equipment and foodstuff expenditures.
  • Conducted meetings with servers and kitchen staff for training and review purposes.
  • Motivated employees to create an atmosphere of exceptionalism that reduced staff turnover by 11 percent.
  • Proficient in all areas of food and beverage preparation and service.

Assistant Banquet Manager
July 2002-August 2004




  • Prepared employee work schedules for staff of 100.
  • Assisted in hiring and training of servers for all event levels from casual to formal.
  • Performed administrative functions in conjunction with banquet manager.
  • Provided fill-in assistance in bartending capacity on as-needed basis.


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Hotel Management


Flora Fountain University


Hobbies and Interests

I am fascinated with farm-to-table concepts and volunteer my little free time with non-profit organizations that encourage service skills training with homeless veterans. I travel extensively when able to soak up culture and cuisine for inspiration. I am also a racquet sports fan, playing squash, tennis, or ping pong on an almost daily basis.



Questions for Your Food and Beverage Manager CV

1. What can you do to make your food and beverage manager CV stand out?

Catching a hiring manager’s attention can be an important step towards landing the job you want. However, not all attention is good attention. Learning how to stand out for the right reasons can help you upgrade your CV.

Your CV should attract notice to the qualifications that make you a great fit for the specific position. Tailor your document to each employer by emphasizing the parts of your background that relate most to its values and preferences.

For example, the candidate in our food and beverage manager CV sample states his interest in working in an upscale dining context. His work experience prominently mentions providing high-quality dining; in his hobbies section, he describes his interest in farm-to-table. Think of what makes you a good fit for the job you want and let employers know by including this information on your CV.

2. How long should a food and beverage manager CV be?

With a CV, you have the latitude to make it as long as you need to include all relevant information. This does not mean you should throw in every last detail you can think of, though, as that would confuse hiring managers instead of impressing them.

Just because you can compose a CV longer than one page does not mean you should. If you properly organize it with the correct sections and include relevant, informative content, employers will not consider your document too short. Our personalized CV maker helps you assemble your data into a stellar piece, with no writing needed.

3. How can you highlight team experience on a food and beverage manager CV?

In a management position, leading your team and coordinating with others is key to success. Because team experience is so important in this role, your CV should take every opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in this area.

The food and beverage manager CV sample lists relevant skills such as communication, supervision, and adaptability. The applicant also includes specific metrics, stating how many people he supervised. He also describes working with others to achieve goals. Taking your cue from this example, include ways you effectively worked with a team throughout your CV.

4. How should you present software knowledge on a food and beverage manager CV?

While software knowledge may not immediately come to mind when considering a food and beverages manager’s responsibilities, some types of software proficiencies can significantly improve job performance, especially in the context of a large business.

While software should not be the first qualification you mention, the one in our food and beverage manager CV sample includes knowledge of POS, word processing, and database use.

5. How do you write the qualifications section of a food and beverage manager CV?

The qualification, or skills, section of your CV serves to showcase essential proficiencies. This is not the place to list everything you know how to do. Typically, you should include about six to eight bullet-pointed items. When deciding what to include, think about the job’s major responsibilities and what skills qualify you to perform them. Also review the job posting and include skills it lists as requirements and strong preferences.

Food and Beverage Manager CV Must-Haves

What Does a Food and Beverage Manager Do?

A food and beverage manager balances time between administrative duties and supervising employees. You can expect to be responsible for preparing budgets, anticipating and ordering food staples and perishables, and maintaining inventory of equipment. Food and service managers must act as liaisons between hospitality staff as well as culinary staff.

When you write your CV, you may want to play close attention to the way this information is conveyed in this food and beverage manager CV example to highlight your experience and abilities. With careful wording and attention to details, you can make your case for why you are the most-qualified applicant.

Tips for Creating a Great Food and Beverage Manager CV

These ideas can help you craft an outstanding food and beverage manager CV:

  • Focus on the positive when you word your responsibilities and job duties. Use a strong, active voice to convey your leadership skills.
  • Pay close attention to the small details. Grammar, punctuation, and consistency of formatting can make the wrong impression with job recruiters.
  • Add a personal touch with your hobbies and interests, but try to avoid any provocative information that may take away from the professional tone you are trying to convey.
  • Only include relevant information in your education section. For example, you should list your highest level of education or degree attained, but you do not need to go into detail about specific courses.
  • Don’t forget about metrics. Any measurable information you include can draw attention to your value to a future employer.

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